Western Partitions

In the case where office space can not provide all the staff of private rooms, can not do without cell walls. They create the illusion of separation that prevents distractions and at the same time leave opportunity for human interaction. The first office partitions appeared in Russia about 10 years ago and immediately became a symbol of consistency and stability of companies. A little later, with the introduction of Western technology, their partitions in an office environment is obvious. You can use them to save space, time and money, make quick alterations without disrupting the overall style rooms, and most importantly – to ensure that every employee convenient individual workplace.

Cell walls are structures consisting of several modules, which are fastened together with special connectors stand in a certain configuration. In contrast to the stationary, mobile partitions, as a rule, do not attach to any wall or ceiling or to the pot. They are easy to move, disassemble and reassemble in different configurations. And the installation of partitions does not require special tools and specific skills. The main advantage of mobile partitions – an opportunity most of the surrounding area.

They share office premises in working areas and jobs created based on them, quickly and easily furnished with office furniture, fittings and accessories. Modules on different partitions can be mounted shelves and cabinets. The height of mobile partitions typically ranges from 1.5 to 2.2 meters. And the most popular model, low: 1.5-1.7 m, which are visually isolate a seated person. If the height of the partitions in two or more meters, even standing in a full-length employees are, as it were in some rooms. It's no secret that modern office work is impossible without a huge amount of technical equipment and, therefore, almost always a problem of an abundance of electric cables. Especially for them inside the walls provided a hollow space with boxes for posting. The design of the box provides access to communications in case of repair or installation. Thus, each workstation can be equipped with the necessary office equipment and included in the general communications network of the company.