Universal Beauty

In the ownership of these dons, to sing the nature, Everything how much transluz of the universal beauty With that God premiou the proper creation. Later singing of the life the close felt, That my eyes do not see and fail me the ears, In the blindness and deafness of my imperfection! ' ' ACADEMIC GENTLEMEN! In this night of as much significao for me, warm for the flame of the gratitude, I allowed me that also he is thankful those kind creatures who for the word, conjunct and for the example had contributed, pushing me until arriving at this enviable height where fiscal. Dom Martinho Michler taught to me essence to it of the catolicismo. The Christ Eucarstico is not a benefit, is not a favor, is a necessity. The Eucaristia it is not a sentimental and anmica devotion, but the center par excellence of the life of the Christian who received in the baptism and the confirmation a huge dignity and an entirely new existence. Its aluas on Doctrine Catholic and Liturgy, revolutionaries, at the time sharp in the University Association Catholic, in Vital Center D., I keep still them hot in my heart. ' ' The conception that the church is the Mstico Body in the Histria' '.

' ' Catolicismo is not alone moral rule or code of prohibitions nor only doctrine, but before everything, life, sacrament, mass (official conjunct), and expansion of this sacral nucleus in the workmanships of justice, and in the unleavened ones of sinceridade' '. I must Miguel Couto the lesson: ' ' the medicine alone could be exerted, fully exerted, with the exercise of bondade' '. The balance of the life is in favor of the goodness, to thus taught to Hamilton Walnut me. It did not exaggerate the inesquecvel master and friend Clarck Oscar: ' ' health is a civic duty and not a luxury object that only the rich ones can adquirir' '.