Try The Crawfish Of The Bay Sauteed With Garlic And Basil In The Rte Columbus

Lobsters are rich in vitamin B3 and can help reduce cholesterol the Columbus restaurant of the Hotel Oliva Nova Charter is renewed. Change the dishes to offer you the highest quality and the most indigenous flavors. A letter formed by incoming cold, hot and a number of main dishes that leave a good taste in your mouth. All of them prepared by the best chefs of Valencian cuisine and with the experience that the Hotel Oliva Nova takes along its whole length. Follow our food section every week and learn about renewed dishes offered by the Rte. Columbus. How could not be less, we have chosen the incoming star to inaugurate this section. A light and healthy dish made with an ingredient that can only be found in the Western Mediterranean coast: Bay crawfish sauteed with garlic and basil.

As the head chef has explained to us, Maria P. Tarrago, is one of the most famous restaurant dishes because it combines simplicity with good Mediterranean taste. But that is not all, the Norway lobsters are rich in vitamins B3, why make it a food that is beneficial for the circulatory system and can help to reduce cholesterol. Undoubtedly, a good place to start your lunch or dinner is taste this delicious starter that you can only find in the Rte.