Treating Cellulite

If from the comfort of our homes we can combat cellulite, the same can do with stretch marks that unfortunately always accompany it. In the same way that cellulite presents different degrees of severity, stretch marks also make it. So that to prevent reaching levels serious best is prevention and treatment in time, and if you can achieve it with methods and home products what better. For this reason to what go looking elsewhere little tricks and recipes from oils to combat stretch marks, if here you find some examples. The trick or simple advice is the apply in the areas affected by stretch marks a capsule of vitamin E. This action you must perform it nightly and you must be very consistent if you want to see results with home remedies to combat stretch marks that work. Cola de caballo, lemon juice, alcohol and water you need to make an infusion. In a container with a lid, you should mix a liter of alcohol, with approximately eight drops of lemon juice, and a few hundred grams of ponytail and let stand for thirty days approximately.

After this time you must add this mixture in two litres of water so that it is ready to use. There are two forms of application: the first is massaging the areas you conveyed with a little of the mixture twice a day or we can apply it with paintings of fabric compresses way. For the latter, we should leave compresses for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Another option in terms of home remedies to combat stretch marks is to mix almond oil with lavender oil in the proportion of 10 tablespoons of the first and 5 drops of the second. The application is made by soaking a ball of cotton in mixing and applying it in the affected areas at least twice per week. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.