The Wife

In addition, for two! 'Certainly, sir see – say Bulgakov (he always expressed himself in an old-fashioned politeness) – firstly, no ladies, I do not go to a restaurant. Secondly, I pointed out what dishes have fallen lady of taste. As you please, sir, and incurred expenses I beg to compensate. " And refund! Writer was invited to other Moscow newspapers, and even offered the post of Secretary of the new edition of the magazine. Bulgakov drew to a familiar work of journalists and invited everyone to meeting. Those who came were stunned: the table – fresh french bread, cups of hot strong tea, and in each – not less than two pieces of this sugar! Working conversation never took place, but the bread eaten every one. The next day the young and not so well-fed Moscow's literary fraternity traveled around the news that everyone who comes in Bulgakov's editorial serves tea with a bun. From the authors did not rebound.

A week later, the publishers realized it, but too late. Edition burnt, and the magazine so no one saw. Bulgakov, when it was possible, he liked to feed the young fellow – Olesha, Ilf and Petrov, Kataev. He gave this character a nice prank, no one is belittling: "Of course, you have already dined. Turkey, perhaps, to eat, but maybe still something to eat? " Turkey he himself liked, particularly stuffed with bacon, and remembered the taste of Christmas dishes from childhood. Journalist turkey was too expensive, but the wife was making great soup.