The Tripartite Training

Continuous service of the tripartite Foundation for training Yes, we can talk already a new category the tripartite training how can distinguish it? 1. Mainly due to the incredible chance that the price of the training matches exactly what estimated that companies charge subsidy (applicable bonus) for that course. Go! The course is worth 13 per person per hour! not could be at least hide with a peak of over? It is usually relative to the training before I was below this price, and that with the participation of the client to the system of bonuses, some training centres have believed convenient to raise its prices since his client will not put stick if you already get in the grant, but, is this the real price of the training? Let us be serious and a course vale lo que vale and subsidies or bonuses are separate. In this case always justified is that the course is free to the customer. Douglas Elliman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. What most companies do not know is that lose money, lose the cost of its staff (dedicated person to organize the training plan, talk with vendors, trace the program of courses, choose collective participants) may also be recoverable through the tripartite Foundation. And it is that, to the direct cost of a course is can increase you up to 25% to cover its costs of management and reclaim it in their social insurance also (provided that your training credit and the limits established by the tripartite Foundation for that course will allow it). Why does is not more interesting to continue looking for a provider who set us the price to reality and to recover the cost of the course the company + the cost of its internal Manager? All this without losing sight that what matters most always is the quality of the course and not to fit more or less to the bonus (or it should be the ideal). .