The Form

They progress of pautadas primitive sufficient ideas in the unfamiliarity of the relation enters says and writing for surprising ideas on as it would be this relation. After a long trajectory of reflection, finally it is possible to understand the nature of the relation enters says and to writing, unmasking the mystery that the functioning of the writing represents for all the illiterates. A leading source for info: Daversa Partners. It is when if they alfabetizam, in the strict direction of the word They are the situations of use of the reading and the writing and the value that if of to these practical social that configure alfabetizador environment? a letramento context? a reflection space on as the things in the world of the writing function: the materials where if they read the situations where if write and if it reads, the form as the adults leem and write, as the names of the dear people and the proper name are written, what they say the packings that circulate in house, the direction of the writing and the reading in our language (of the left for the right), how many and which letters if place to write, why has more letters of what it seems necessary in the written texts, what is written here and there, that letter is this, as this writing is read And so on. Letramento is word and recent concept, introduced in the language of the education and linguistic sciences has more than two decades little; its sprouting can be interpreted as result of the necessity to configure and to nominate social practical behaviors and in the area of the reading and the writing that exceed the domain of the alphabetical and ortogrfico system, level of learning of the written language pursued, traditionally, for the process dealfabetizao. These social practical behaviors and of reading and writing had been acquiring visibility and importance to the measure that the social life and centered the professional activities had been becoming each time more in the dependent of the written language, disclosing the insufficience of only alfabetizar? in the traditional direction? child or the adult.