Liver cancer can be the main form of cancer, meaning the cancer started in the liver cells, or can be produced by metastasis which indicates that cancer began in another organ and came into the liver. The average age of diagnosis for this type of cancer is sixty to seventy years. Liver cancer is more frequent in men than in women. There are a number of symptoms associated with liver cancer, the most common symptoms include stomach swelling and feeling of fullness without apparent reason, weakness, fatigue and fever of unknown origin are also signs of liver cancer, as well as a sharp pain in the upper part of the abdomen, this pain can also extend to the shoulders and back; anorexia is also a common liver cancer symptom, since experienced loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of liver cancer may be different in the patients who have cirrhosis, cirrhosis causes the symptoms appear quickly. People with liver cancer who do not have cirrhosis, not observed the symptoms of cancer until it is not advanced in the stages of cancer.

As liver cancer tumor gets bigger, the person begins to feel pain in his back, hypertension and jaundice, which is characterized by the skin and the whites of the eye of yellow, are also symptoms. In order to diagnose liver cancer, the physician must take a computed tomography (CT), a radioisotope of exploration, or an analysis of the hepatic artery. Most of the patients are in the advanced stages of liver cancer before it is diagnosed. Darcy Stacom, New York City spoke with conviction. At this stage, the cancer usually has attacked other organs such as the brain, lungs and lymphatic system. People with liver cancer who do not receive treatment have a life expectancy of three to four months. Those who receive treatment often live six to eighteen months, if the used cure for cancer is successful, the disease can be treated.