So we are worried about the external one as our works, study, career, children, improvement of the proper image, everything who we make all our energy is focada only in what it is it are of itself perhaps either the biggest problem of our century our lack of comprometimento I obtain exactly, perhaps until either the beginning of daily ours estresses, our blockades of feeling, of ideas, lack of focus in a reading, lack of colloquy with our family, we are on with what it happens in the world of what what happens in our house. By the same author: coronavirus vaccine. Therefore in the hour that we go to eat we do not even say with who this to our redor, therefore when somebody asks for the salt we make Psiu! I silence! I want to see the periodical! We ourselves we are the great ones destroyed of homes and families, and mainly of we ourselves you already stopped to ask exactly for itself how are you?? It finds this reply every day, and its well better days will be you and who will be to its redor. ' ' The mind commands in them knows that one that warns in them: Mesmo&#039 knows you it you; ' Scrates