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Good all the time of day, a lover of online projects, I too had played a role-playing games, until I realized that this is a stupid vremyapriprovozhdenie, which also sucks more money out of pocket. I will give you an analogy between the promotion of the site and an online game. Those who at least once played in the browser mmorpg understand me. Only a few significant differences in these sessions, the online game have to pour money in order to feel comfortable buying points Grady, artifacts, and promoting the site and can not invest, while still earning what that amount. But on the other hand, pouring money into the site, you can get a substantial boost to profits, can not be said about the game online. Let’s see how you can advertise it all possible. Hear other arguments on the topic with The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The new online mmorpg Promotion” – turn-based free MMORPG (multiplayer online role playing) with elements of tactics and strategy in the real world.

A great variety of variety of weapons and armor. Non-linear storyline, battles real-time. The best man win, Connect! Click register and get on your character creation page, in this case creating the site .. In any online game, a character has several characteristics: strength, agility, intuition, intelligence, luck, etc., in the case of the site, there are only two characteristics – TCI and PR, there is still here can be attributed reason, IQ of your brain)) And so, in the online the game has several classes, tank, crit Dodge, in this game only 2 classes, and Yandeksoidy Guglmeny. Next, choose race, usually in a mmorpg elves, orcs, PMG, hum .. if you translate it to Web design, we see that as a race we are the CMS, it Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. Everyone has their own features and benefits.

Skills – are modules that ability – it’s components, and widgets – it’s your gun and ammunition, etc. Vadim Belyaev pursues this goal as well. It remains only to label a character / website, and all you can kachatsya! Bleeding occurs in exactly the same way as in any online game, you take the ups, and as a result of your site becomes more competitive, and for a given query is displayed above the search engines. Qual one chooses such a liking to him. You can swing on the familiar, for example to exchange links, you can participate in a chaotic battle, if competently make the semantic core of your site, and try to break out of the top in high-demand, well, eventually you can just drop, logging in white catalogs (many times you kill, you get a little experience). You can perform a variety of quests and affiliate links exchanges, for example, the quest of the sape, you must first install the code and then add your site through the form below! Otherwise, the verification process of your site can be very delayed! And stuff like that. Bleeding is the legal and illegal, can easily fall into the ban, if breaking the law. Every online game has a number of professions, which you can earn money playing in online game “promotion” may be more useful to learn trades, such as a web designer, SEOs, programmer, copywriter, etc., the profession that can bring you the real income. There is also a community and clans and alliances, but it all helps your brain to develop and progress, and not dully sit at the computer while discussing who LVC, and the father, and who has poured a lot of money, but still remained lamers!