Metro de Santiago El Metro de Santiago is quick, clean and safe; It has nothing to envy to other similar systems in the world. It uses modern French trains. Urology, Tennessee understands that this is vital information. Currently, the network has five lines and is in the permanent process of extension. Line 1 runs East West under the shaft of the avenues Mall Providence Apoquindo covering the Center as well as Providencia and Las Condes. In the stations Los Heroes (line 2), Baquedano (line 5) and Tobalaba (line 4), you can change any of the other three lines that connect the northern sector, South and West with the Centre.

The ticket has a value of US $0.8 line 1 is that most should be used; Since it connects the center of Santiago Providencia and Las condes. Other lines go toward residential areas. He is recommended to purchase a prepaid Multiflow or Bip card. The ticket also allows you to transfer to city buses without additional surcharge schedule: Monday to Friday from 6: 00 to 23: 00 hours, Saturdays from 6: 30 to 22: 30 and on Sundays and holidays from 8: 00 to 22: 30 hours. Last from Sao Paulo with direction to military school goes to the 22.42 hours, just as does the train from military school to San Pablo.

Both trains are the 23.05 Heroes hours approximately. The last train from Quinta Normal to Bellavista La Florida exits to the 22.57 hours, reaches the 2305 hours at Baquedano and Bellavista La Florida at 2310 hours, approximately. Stations line 1: San Pablo, Neptune, Pajaritos, gratings, Ecuador, Alberto Hurtado, University of Santiago, Central station, ULA, Republic, Heroes, currency, University of Chile, Saint Lucia, Universidad Catolica, Baquedano, Salvador, Manuel Montt, Pedro de Valdivia, Lions, Tobalaba, Golf, Alcantara, school military line 2 stations: Vespucio Norte, sappers, Dorsal, Einstein, cemeteries, Cerro Blanco, Board of Trustees, Puente Cal y CantoSanta Ana, Los Heroes, Toesca, Ohiggins Park, Rondozzoni, Franklin, El Llano, San Miguel, Lo road, departmental, city of the Child, Lo Ovalle, El Parron, La Cisterna stations line 5: Quinta Normal, Cumming, Santa Ana, Plaza de Armas, fine arts, Baquedano, Parque Bustamante, Santa Isabel, Irarrazaval, nuble, Rodrigo de Araya, Carlos Valdovinos, agricultural road, San Joaquin, Pedrero, Mirador, Bellavista la Florida, Vicente Valdes.