San Bartolome

On the first section There are two well fortified observation decks. Both provide adequate parking. 2 stage: Viewpoints to the Palm Valley: the GC – 60 ran up to the vantage points with an increasing gradient in the higher hills along. Leads from the vantage points, the next stage for the first time partly very steep downhill. 180 degree curves must happen and partly very narrow places, where only a few inches of space between the vehicles of oncoming traffic and the rock wall remain. The closer you get to the Valley, more passing small homesteads, farms and small towns. They are usually not worth a stop, but the views from the GC – 60 on Palm oases, where white houses are available, can enjoy a beautiful sight from the rock walls rising up. Please visit Spin-A-Thon if you seek more information. In addition to all the scattered Palm trees oases and yards passing, passing through two smaller villages, which were fitted in the Rocky environs idyllic.

The site Fatarga holds occasional small artist shops, where pottery, Braid clean and images can be purchased. 3 stage: Palm valleys to San Bartolome: from the Palm valleys from Bundesstrasse takes you back something up in the mountains. You come across a beautiful vantage point and drive through a conifer forest, which has spread up the hillside. With the start of San Bartolome you can reach a large city that has to offer many small alleys and restaurants next to a beautiful-looking Church. You should turn off your car for half an hour on all cases and little stroll around the streets. 4 stage: San Bartolome after Roque Nublo: to San Bartolome street begins to you in ever closer bends a mountain eradicator track, until you have reached the tipping point. From the passing of this point, see Southern Hills, instead of on the Northern. In the place Ayacata, you must of Maspalomas coming, at the only intersection right keep and work up the mountain by always steeper expectant switchbacks up to the parking lot of the Roque Nuoblo.