Robin Hood

Keep the game should be fun too, with enthusiasm. Think of yourself any original image (for example, in Pushkin region in the camp 'Salute we have had and Malvina, and Robin Hood, and Puss in Boots, etc.) '). Again, you yourself have to like what you are doing. Do not be lazy to create ambiance. It can turn an ordinary set of standard competitions in spectacular action.

You can just split squad into 2 teams and spend five contests, displaying from 1 to 5 points each, but it's not interesting. And we can say that this team is not at all, but an expedition to the study of ancient tombs, all the same contests tied to this subject, damp in the lobby of the light, put the candles, most dressed in costume mummy – and here's another game! Bright and catchy. It happens that some children have a negative pre-configured for the upcoming game. "We do not want play ',' Ugh, yes it's boring, we'd better sit in the House "with what to do? Do not worry. Draw them into the game. Encourage them to start, and then, if they do not like it, leave.

Most likely, they love it and they will be keen to play end. But there was not screwed up. Make the game really interesting. And those who do not have to play, let obzaviduyutsya. It is not necessary to give children extra opportunities pokapriznichat. Gathering party at once, without delay start. Let your game picks up and swallow like a whirlwind of children! You should not mechanically follow a stock plan. We must watch that the children were interested in and pick up the initiative. For example in our camp, "Fireworks" is a ping-pong and children all the time hanging out near him. Okay, grab, hold blitsturnir – here's the event. Leader must have a "virtual ryuh" – to be able to invent games to go. Children it is difficult to sit still for a long time (the younger, the more difficult). Judiciously game so that was physical relaxation (let's say, every 20 – 30 minutes). During the game in the camps 'Salute' and 'Pakhra' we rely on the following scheme: Initiation game. If you need some of the game additional materials, prepare them in advance or premises, arrange in advance. Let the kids take their original positions to declare the rules of the game.