Ralph Dietmar Stief Cancer

Behind this addiction smoking so the inner desire to solve dependencies in the life and real freedom to learn. The highest inner goal would be in this case, consciously to live freedom in all respects. Possibly, the man stuck but so that he is not aware of the situation and can not find the “solution”. This person is then in a cul-de-sac. He sees no door, maybe not looking for her. Inside this man can not be happy where he is aiming there but, to live deliberately free.

Can you imagine what is happening on your unconscious level, if you cannot reach your life goals? Some people actually open play with the mind to be, even though they are classified by their environment as a likeable, successful people from the life. Most people don’t dare to deal openly with the thoughts, to adopt early. For them, there is this dispute unconsciously. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sam Lesser Wharton. On the level of reality they would find enough reasons to… go to the family of the important job, responsibility, …das still relatively young age at which You can be but not so easily verabschiden, the hook, etc.

Can you not imagine now, it may be as obvious now to make an inner unconscious decision, to accept the condition, already every day on the cigarette packet being read? The example of the smoker and his life theme to display on only, what occurs inside a human if it cannot reach its real goals in life. This applies equally to other types of cancer, only a different topic is given here to look at it is. Breast cancer involves for example the topics “Feed and be fed”. Here too it is necessary to find out exactly where and how the ill with these issues in the conflict and what is the essential goal. Cancer leads to death, of course other factors can play a role. This can be but in time previously detected and resolved. If a cancer patient in the essence of his life themes will be ushered in, he has the chance, now b (e) to deal w u s s t thus. If he is then ready to tackle these issues and to implement, so he will unfold such self-healing powers that he not prematurely leave the Earth. A corresponding therapeutic accompaniment is necessary. Alone, this person will hardly succeed. This support also helps to reduce the tremendous fear of cancer patients, which of course is on the outside because, even if the soul has no fear, to join the journey home. THEY have cancer or who in your environment that are ill or have other difficult ailments? Pass on this information. Reconnaissance helps! There are links, yet long not recognized by all concerned with this topic.Also the therapeutic accompaniment is an important factor. She must vote. Nothing is incurable, if a person wants to live yet! Sincerely, your Ralph Dietmar Stief, all-inclusive therapist