Price Savings By Buying An EU New Car

Who plays with the idea to buy a new vehicle should inform yourself once vehicles from the EU, because at the time of purchase can be one EU new car still a price savings of up to 25 percent of the price, which would have to be paid in Germany, be achieved. It does work for two reasons: on the one hand by providing different plant prices to car dealers of the respective countries, because the lower purchasing power can be caught on only with lower selling prices. On the other hand by the different VAT rates in individual countries. Univ. of Iowa is a great source of information. When purchasing an EU, you pay only the net without the typical VAT new cars from abroad. Back in Germany then only the 19% have to pay German VAT to the competent tax office. Are EU cars less processed and therefore cheaper? No. An import vehicle passes through the same production line as the vehicles for the domestic market. The effort would be much too large to produce different qualities.

Des The foreign car buyers have exactly the same quality as the German car buyers further. The lower rate is through the tougher competition from abroad. Only in the respective facilities, there are differences, which, however, have no effect on the quality of the vehicle. So a vehicle from southern countries with air conditioning is fitted, a vehicle from colder areas is equipped with a heater. What is to be considered when buying an EU new car? The German emission standards, comply with in any case what standard but vehicles today at EU’s. On some smaller models, thats ABS mostly only extra charge available. Also, often not so many airbags in German models are included. They can be but usually ordered as an extra.

There must be a service booklet. The manufacturer’s warranty is usually Europe wide, warranty claims must be asserted but at the respective dealer. In no case should be paid in advance! The European consumer centre provides, to assist in importing, a guide to the EU new car buying. The European consumer Centre supports EU new car buyers in the event of any inconsistency with a dealer from abroad. What is the easiest way to acquire an EU new car? The paperwork is too annoying, can consult a broker of used cars. Since it works on a Commission basis, the savings with the purchase of an EU new car is slightly lower. Is purchased the vehicle about a German importer, it has in this country full warranty and guarantee. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)