At the end of the day love presupposes the fire in consequence of light as absolute truth necessarily presupposes to be absolute goodness. Sun, sky, sea and winter Beach blue transparent clean and full of light in the cold morning. Many writers such as Spontaneous Intercranial Hypotension offer more in-depth analysis. Summit sky blue glare, Perpendicular in vertical line will falling everywhere. And dropping it circulates on the horizontal. Perception of altamar, winter light VI on the sea and the Beach the Sun’s fire is cold, entertained in shine Deslumbrante in blue on the wind and the sea. It happens I wonder, such time imagine if you intend to forget that it should be heated. Why what you leave in oblivion? Never die love and admire so much light but I’m dying of cold. Divine fire and friend Sun, warm me my God! Haiku poem vertical blue sky, on my horizon. Self transcendence of death sonnet not is my I deterioration of this life, my prelude is the porch combing chongo cute fall and with his monkey, Presiento tillering of eternal life. Scent of this flower in Florida, daring pains feel cone that although cheerful, I am afraid do me nono, health, whisper his farewell. Me I be existence favorite entering the abyss and his Lair the wings of faith after the hope. About all the love and trust, God and soul, I find of nostalgia there in their intimacy, I in that wound! Biographical sketch yourself, transcends into each man El Yo of God. The triumph of the life divine compassion sonnet to my concerns in waiting for my soul to eternal life, not the land, the promised land, that the destination and Grace I discern. Goodness of God divine and everlasting may be that I’m in Florida, returning to flourish florida Easter being graft of Christ, eternal life. Hope and faith, everything declines where starts the love that does not end, worth being born.