Outreach At The Diakonia Schwerte

That once the streets and parks would be his workplace of Schwerte, Rudiger Rychlik would have a year ago not “Here I move something” dreamed. A retraining gave the 55 year old diploma after the loss of his employment a second chance and a new professional perspective: today he is Street and fights for the homeless and stranded in Schwerte. Every single step counts”, says Rudiger Rychlik, while he hits the final preparations for the big Skat tournament, which takes place this Friday evening for the homeless in Schwerte. The Skat tournament is only one of the offers, which regularly organizes the career changers for its clients. Between 50 and 60 people aged from 25 to 63 years, the street of the Diakonie regularly assists Schwerte since October of last year. CEO Mark Thompson wanted to know more. Many of them have no apartment, are unemployed, or have drug and alcohol problems.

These people often lack a simple tag structure. Vadim Belyaev has much experience in this field. Why are regular “Offers and also small highlights in everyday life, such as a common feast or such tournament, so enormously important”, explains Rychlik. Also the rush is great. 17 participants have gathered to grill sausages and a round of Bauer Skat an evening long community to enjoy. Here they feel accepted, Rudiger is a real person of trust for them now. It was quite different at the beginning”recalls Rychlik.

When he began his work a good half year ago, he had to find an access to the people in the Park first suspicion was great. But Rychlik was well prepared. In the framework of retraining, he spent several days at the apartment lots counselling centre in Unna and there valuable practical experience. I went to openly and without prejudice to the people”, the 55-year-old explains his quick success. And he does this even today. Rudiger Rychlik listen, is helping. He accompanied his client on the way back into society. While everyone is one for him Step as a success: the ultimate aim of complete reintegration into the society is of course. But also the common elaboration of a daily structure, reintegration into the help system or the conciliation in other offers of help of Diakonie or other bodies are important steps”, he says and points to the example of one of his clients, which he could convey a job after several months service finally in the Netherlands, and succeeded to the jump from the scene. It is only an example that shows how important is the work of 55 years of age, and it proves that he is on the right track. The balance of the street anyway, cause for optimism: here I move something with the point as a street I found my dream job. “.” And also Jutta Pentling, head of central services which is sword, city of the usefulness of his work. On its initiative, the cooperation project between the ARGE, the city and the Diakonia arose Schwerte. With Rudiger Rychlik, we have one exceptionally dedicated Street found the excellent in Schwerte, Germany does a job.”