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Realistic with respect to the article before you request that the changes discussed at the talk page as you have wellness been asked previously. Besides not enter your text based on original research based on a table of links of prominent leaders. Finally beseech you be sure to clarify what you have put Africans and fitness I cardiovascular have seen in the obligation to delete to avoid ill-Nintendo.Gracias-Lucero20 (talk) 18:21 7 December supplements 2008 (UTC)
Wikipedia is undoubtedly health clear to all. It is not just yours so that you can not make massive changes in an article without discussing them first worked in his talk page. Incidentally, I see more positive I think, because I care about your point of view (the health care theme), but I ask you not to add text to the subject of the tangent to the article itself is concerned. For that you have references .– Lucero20 (talk) 19:18 7 December 2008 (UTC)
You are ignoring what I say. Do not add text that does not relate to the subject matter. And other articles for those topics. I will use the references or links. Do not make massive changes and deletions .– Lucero20 (talk) 19:29 7 December health 2008 (UTC)

Is reasonable. Do not ask me to make remarks in the discussion while nutrients you make massive changes in the article. I skin care repeat the theme kinetics of the article in question do not put text outside. Indeed ago (several editions now) I’ve solved the appointments for you .– push Lucero20 (talk) 19:49 7 December 2008 (UTC)

As I assume that both Soysa sensible people, sure that from now we speak body in this discussion and only when consensus pasais rioja andalusia article. So, for now I will not take any more drastic action (such as locks or page protection), but are not confident that this will happen again and to speak in the discussion. If necestian a mediator may ask, what better to get your hands, Do not ‘Thank you. (I left the message to both) Millars (talk) 21:18 7 December 2008 (UTC)
I have protected, but before he left the previous edition the entire mess (the usual). If you come to an agreement then it is easy to replace, but I hope that the discussion logreis dialogue and collaboration. Millars (talk) 21:29 7 December 2008 (UTC)
I continue the discussion Pepe, by the way, your arguments seem solid and contrasted with the harshness of Lucero no longer lets me doubt the phrase “I think that what the priest said.”

A hug .– Caesar (talk) 10:37 8 December 2008 (UTC)
Please Pepe, I ask you not to edit other related articles that are not clarify everything. But the only thing we will do is increase the number of items protected. Relentiza is that the growth of Wikipedia, but it is better not to generate conflict and that the contents are agreed. Just ask that mantengais calm in these discussions. Millars (talk) 18:07 8 December nutrition 2008 (UTC)
Of course, the issue is free, and I never said you have to ask anyone’s permission. But I guess you will agree with me that if it opens a debate that is better be answered before further editing. Since it appears that it has almost settled, I think it’s better to wait a little acabeis to discuss it, just to save trouble. fitness Millars (talk) 20:38 8 December 2008 (UTC)
Leave a vast majority of it because you can look here p. 291 and pages 289-294, Chapter IX: Summary, El Ejercito Realism in American Independence. 1992. ISBN 10: 8471005182, and not only said that book and read. But as I said, if you want to emphasize and highlight the role of leadership in Spanish can be done based on the government headquarters (viceroys and captains general not forget), but at another table close by that definition, not based the non-exhaustive list of outstanding leaders in campaigns and battles, and that meets their links. In addition to focusing on the role of Spanish troops is the story of the strong army of coastline, the great expedition to overseas sites fortified ports of landing, Veracruz, site of Montevideo, and Cartagena, in addition to naval warfare. This is where you will find the true role Spanish. Not in the American militia. I doubt you have contrary information because there is not, as many streets of the