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9 pain is one of the main causes of the human suffering, exciting incapacities, comprometimento of the quality due and imensurveis psicossociais and economic repercussions, what it becomes it a problem of public health. About 30 40% of the Brazilians they are acometidos by pain chronic and constitutes the main cause of absenteeism, medical licenses, disability retirements, severance pay and low productivity in the work. The health professional must have abilities and abilities to evaluate pain, to program strategies of relief of the same one and to monitor the effectiveness of these interventions. 10 One evidences that to evaluate and to register pain it is essential so that he exists a knowledge of the taken behavior, its reasons and its results, valuing themselves and respecting the patient due to the discomfort that if manifest for pain. BOARDINGS THERAPEUTICAL the advances in the medicine make with that they appear new techniques and boardings this makes with that these professionals perfect in the combat pain. At cancer research you will find additional information.

Blockade of the Present Calcium canals in the membrane of the cells, some is involved in the transmission of pain. The drug and layers to act on the responsible ones for the painful sensation. Genetic therapy the identification of imperfections in determined genes will allow to therapies more effective. Transcraniana electromagnetic stimulation That is, a device and placed in the part frontal of the head goes off electromagnetic waves for areas where processed pain. Fabric antidor the fabric receives mineral a composition capable to radiate the rays infra-red ray emitted by the body, being made to return them for thus increasing the heat in the surface from derme alliviating pain. Electric stimulation of the spinal marrow Electrodes are implanted next the spine or in peripheral nevos to modulate transmission of pain, thus inhibiting the painful stimulatons. Picture 1 MASSAGE Gives credit that they act as effect placebo.