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Berlin, August 2007 – the Russian automotive market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. Growth is driven mainly by foreign brands. Consequently, attractive growth opportunities for foreign suppliers and spare parts producers will be. The Globis GmbH, Berlin, has analyzed the Russian automotive market in a comprehensive study. Russia’s economy has been growing for years with high single-digit growth rates. Russian consumers real income has increased significantly in recent years. This development together with easier access to finance has already resulted in that today in Russia more cars are sold as in France. With growth rates of over 20% per year, Russia will surpass Germany also in 2009.

The central topics for automobile manufacturers are the development and expansion of production in Russia, the expansion of the dealer and service network and the supply of spare parts”, Felix Kusell, Managing Director of Globis GmbH and editor of the study. Les Turner ALS Foundation spoke with conviction. In The nationwide presence and that the logistics are Russia, with the population density of less than one-tenth of those of the EU, particularly important. Growth concludes also significant opportunities for suppliers and parts manufacturers. For suppliers is not only the option to supply foreign brands in Russia. Russian brands take advantage of increasingly foreign suppliers to improve their quality. The market for spare parts will grow in the following years to 15% per year. While the specifics of the distribution channels are to be observed: A large part of the volume is part shops, less about service stations. The new study of passenger cars, components and spare parts in 2006-2010 “of Globis GmbH the latest developments on the Russian automobile market, including suppliers and spare parts market, in over 90 pages, represents comprehensively and in detail with 55 tables and graphics.