Land Management

In this case, the law does not regulate the relations to rectify these shortcomings, including not govern the procedure for eliminating "defects" Land is not defined powers of the bodies in charge of the respective plots of land and bodies are obliged to monitor and detect in the course of it, similar violations. All this leads to inability to meet the legitimate interests of citizens-owners who are forced to endure inconvenience in the use of their land. Weaknesses in the arrangement of land (Overlapping of, , wedging, , affectation and inconvenience in use) by changing the boundaries of the land by acceding to the "inconvenient" (smaller in size minimum limit) of land. In land law, this procedure is called "ordering facility land." In connection with the objective impossibility of granting land in to correct deficiencies territorial land less than the minimum size limit is the procedure for granting, without changing its essence, changing its name to the procedure of changing the boundaries of land by acceding to the "problem" of land use. The existing legislative gap in legal regulation, has created a situation in which one side is not formally allowed to give out Public ownership of land by size smaller than the minimum limit, but on the other hand requires surgical removal of deficiencies land, forcing law enforcers to look for acceptable decisions, which sometimes does not always meet the requirement of formal legality. Cardiologist might disagree with that approach.

Changing the boundaries of the land by the decision of the authorized authority, rendered on the basis of material land, evidence of the impossibility of providing land to the general procedure in view of its non minimum limit. In modern conditions, the function of territorial planning must be early date revised to take tough and unambiguous legal rules that define the possibility of planning policy only based on general solutions of the population respective territories. Maxim References: 1. ap Anisimov. Zoning urban and rural areas: types and legal significance / / Law and Economics. 2004. 6.

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