Knobel Adolescents

This phenomenon has for denomination gotten passionate love, in way that the first episode of love occurs in the precocious adolescence, that costuma to be of great intensity (ABERASTURY and KNOBEL, 1970). As they suggest Lacerda and Lacerda, what ' ' the adolescent tries is, in certain way, unhealthy, therefore she idealizes the girl (or vice versa, it how much it) as the perfect person of its sonhos' ' (1998, p.103). It must be remembered that the relationship of the adolescents was something that involved sexuality directly, that is, had practised the complete sexual act. as it explains Aberastury and Knobel (1970): It is calculated that 40% 60% of the adolescents carry through the complete sexual act, of the genital characteristics (55), that, I consider, has plus a exploratrio character, of learning of the genitalidade, what one true adult genital exercise of procreative type, with the concomitant responsibilities and pleasures (p.45). Really, it can be evidenced that the adolescent did not have notion of the importance of the sexuality, being that for it the act had only the exploration function, that is, curiosity in knowing as it was. As Zagury explains, some adolescents, for times pressured for the groups, finish for finding that they need to settle, why had entered in the puberty (2003). Another aspect presented in the film was the use and abuse of the chemical sustncias. Again the adolescent was influenced by the group, however inside of house already the problem existed so to speak. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darcy Stacom.

The mother and the brother smoked, the boyfriend of the mother (which the adolescent did not support) he was vitiated in drugs. She can yourself be said that the environment in which it coexisted was propitious so that it made use of these sustncias. The abuse of drugs is a problem that affects many adolescents. Being that this provides the illusion of a substitute of the familiar affection, also as a pointer of the lack of safe orientation in house, as autopromoo or as passport of entrance for some groups (LACERDA and LACERDA, 1998).