Juan Torres Lopez

In addition, some years they are restructuring vine crops, implementing varieties Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, for the elaboration of wines. Installations enable you to grind more than 400,000 pounds of daily grape, figure which is often exceeded during the campaign. To achieve this capability for admission, there are running three hoppers simultaneously, which also make it possible to significantly reduce the download time of the grape.Take advantage of the wine, Mollina, for serving with your own life to those who joined, at all sites, with thee; those who have your same destination (Juan Torres Lopez). Once processed, wines rest in tanks specially constructed for this purpose, where always acatarrado cellar master performs its task thoroughly to obtain wines of excellent quality, that characterizes the denominacion de origen Malaga and Sierras de Malaga. Agricola Virgen de la Oliva has a storage capacity of more than 5 million liters of wine. For aged wines, the winery has 504 American oak barrels where ageing the wines that will result in the wines for the most demanding palates.And its catalog of wines, I highlight firstly the MONTESPEJO, white wine young, with several awards, made with grape juice from indigenous grape variety muscatel and doradilla yolk. Yellow straw and bright, sensations of Muscat on the nose, clean and with good intensity, elegant with exotic notes, correct mouth, tasty and persistent. Grade: 11%.

Suitable for fish, seafood and soft cheeses. Reds have the GADEA (how much cost us to bring it to market, friends!), elaborated with grape must from grapes Syrah. Intense purplish red wine. Pleasant, clean nose with aromas of ripe red fruits and fleshy characteristic violet odour, with great structure, due to its sweet and mature tannins that make it surprisingly velvety with nice finish. Grade: 13.5%. It goes with starters and at meals, fundamentally, with meats and cheeses. Finally, for dessert, I recommend the jewel in the Crown: the TRASANEJO CARPEDIEM, sweet wine for more than 5 years of ageing. Made with grapes overripe variety Pedro Ximenez and muscatel, of black color with flecks of red and iodinated.

Result of your extremely long ageing in oak casks. Nose smell candied fruits on the palate, juicy, deep and very thick with a long, soft finish. Grade: 15%. Oh, and for the CARPEDIEM NATURAL fair. Time puts us each one in place up to us by our acts and, in any case, someday we will meet face to face with our Creator. Mood! Amigas y amigos de Mollina. And thank you for the opportunity that I brindasteis. I have been to professional height that you deserve. And I conclude with these words of Juan Cobos Wilkins: it enamoraria the grass growing between the tiles, but the shingles would love the shade of the sill, the trace of a praying mantis and mantis air Freedman from gate to gate.