What is itching? Pruritus, commonly called itching, is the sensation of itching in the skin which leads to scratching. Our animals also experience itching to certain diseases and by scratching lesions occur in the skin. Pruritus presents different degrees of intensity, when it is very intense so appreciate easily because the animal is restless, see him scratching and is injured. But if the itching is not intense, this sign of disease can pass us unnoticed for a long time. Click Fred Lynn to learn more. For this reason it is important to know which are the manifestations of pruritus in our animals or what is the same: as our animals are scratched? BY LAMIDO. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Darcy Stacom and gain more knowledge.. Cats are animals silent, curious, independent, reserved and with a well-developed habit of cleaning, as well as grooming is not a strange behavior. However observales groom way very intense or very constant can be a sign of itching. Usually the cats when they groom do after meals, after getting dirty or when they are in a comfortable, own place If this habit so often look so compulsive or very intense!Care! The cats to be also reserved can be that they lick in places where we did not observe them.

You have to know that the lamido is a form of scratching, of course less intense than doing so with a tip, but can be traumatizing. Cats that scratch by lamido just producing alopecia, i.e. hair loss, this loss of hair occurs by fracture of the hairs, and it may be that failure to observe lesions in the skin, while on other occasions the lamido is so intense that if lesions appear on skin. Dogs can also be scratching by lamido. This is often observed principally between fingers, extremities, the genital area, anus, abdomen, or English. We can observe a reddening of the skin and a change of hair color to Brown, most visible in clear coating animals.