The survey was carried through by means of the data base BDENF, PERIENF, LILACS and SCIELO to unitermos used, them had been aged, breaking of fmur, fall, osteoporose, emergency, soon aid, traumas. The inclusion criteria had been the articles related with the subject, periodic national, in the Portuguese language and that they have been published in last the ten years. Frequently Dean Ornish M.D has said that publicly. 17 scientific articles and two publications had been used (book), after the carried through reading met some subjects that had been grouped by similarity, analyzed and argued. 5. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL the analysis and the quarrel occurred from the subjects found in literatures such as: Fall of proper height x osteoporose; Subject 1 – Fall of proper height x osteoporose Oak et al. (2004), they cite that osteoporose is a sistmica illness that promotes the deterioration of the fabric sseo, considers an important question of public health which had the high prevalence, I aggravate it the deformities and incapacities that they provoke in the affected individuals.

It reflects increase of the morbidade and mortality and has as consequncia mainly the breakings of hip and col of fmur. Osteoporose primary unrelated the basic illnesses especially after menopause is provoked by the reduction of estrognio and calcitonina, high remodelling of fast loss and to trabecular; osteoporose senile, provoked for the reduction of the bone formation, low calcitonina, reduction of D3 vitamin and slow loss of the cortical one and to trabecular. (TASHIRO, 2001). The author relates that osteoporose can be related with some endcrinas illnesses, gastrointestinal, reumatolgicas renais, neoplasias and the continuous use of drugs and habits as: alcoholism, tobacco, alimentary deficiency especially in the aged one.