Heiniger Feng Shui

If I now refer to the corresponding finger nail, I advise them to clarify this relationship. If they want to enter a new partnership, nothing in the way now. Connecticut Governor Lamont i shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The corresponding line is already developed and realized by this stage at any time. If I do this look on all lines and features of both hands and again referring to the outside hands is clear that there is a new life in the relationship. Their overall development.(which he me Yes highlighted) created …ist that, on all levels of life-new knowledge and skills development to let. It is possible that the first incoming relationship of this development cannot withstand and fulfilled their sense of having family and children. I see you have chosen a new career for the last 5 years, is now increasingly asking them.

Love wants to achieve a new level in this context. I can only ask them just to feel, if this can be implemented with the first partner. Compromise in an area of life endangering otherwise. her big goal” Each of the areas of my life was objectives included, and a mosaic for the others the whole picture of me revealed then. Today is clear that Palm reading requires a great vision, a lot of life experience, empathy, differentiation capacity and the art to find the essence and to bring everything into a synthesis. The holistic therapist Ralph Dietmar Stief has in addition to his other abilities (such as healing, etc) also the talent to help you tremendously on the analysis of your hands. Scan your hands and send him these photos via email. You can find it on the Web page. You can also contact for me in contact, I will pass on your concerns. Bettina Heiniger Feng Shui teacher, holistic therapist