Fixed Income

If you are of the type that does not want to wait in such a way for the good and nor to pay to the double or the triple of what it costs at sight, in this in case that the solution is the trust, the administration taxes turn around 15% 20%, with the possibility of rescue of the good to any time. The luck or launches contributes for anticipated acquisition. At crisis moments it has an increase for this type of investment instrument, beyond to be a good option of purchase, exists the update of the value of the good. Many prefer the trust for having difficulty to make the management of the proper resource, as that an option of obligator saving managed by a professional company, what it eliminates considerable part of the risks. If possible it includes a safe from life in the package. Applications in DI or Fixed Income to negotiate the administration taxes have banks charging up to 4% to manage its money negotiate, therefore, lowest they are around 1%.

As these applications follow Tax SELIC, on the basis of the tax of interests of today that it is for 10% return, the bank that to charge 4% of tax, deducting the factor tributary the remuneration will be around 6% to the year and in the bank that to charge 1%, at the end of one year the net revenue can arrive 9%. Exchange Traded Funds, that are deep that they follow the shareholding indices of a package of companies, generally with taxes of administration that vary of 0,54% 1%, with very bigger yield that the DI. Between these deep ones they are BOVA, SMAL, MILA, PIBB, all negotiated in the BM FBovespa, beyond others, of which, I advise to consult a broker of values and to request the main indications of return.