Federal Constitution

Right of Visit: a hand of by pair Ahead of the disruption of the conjugal bonds, the visit right has as mark to watch over and to conserve the link paternal-branch office and to guarantee the familiar convivncia, as well as the rights of the descendants and the duty of the genitors the foreseen one in the Caption of art. 227 of the Federal Constitution of 1988. To the meeting to assure the constitutional device, the new civil code of 2002, as attached statute that and systemize the rules of law, in its Art. 1,582 it discourses on the guard and the protection of the person of the children. The unilateral or shared guard defines rights and duties of the parents by means of the o end of the marriage as mechanism of security and protection of the descendants. Art. 1.583. The guard unilateral or will be shared.

(Writing given for the Law n 11,698, of 2008). 1o The attributed one to one alone is understood for unilateral guard of the genitors or to whom it substitutes it (art. 1.584, 5o) e, for shared guard the joint responsabilizao and exercise of rights and duties of the father and the mother who do not live the same under ceiling, concernentes to the familiar power of the common children. (Enclosed for the Law n 11,698, of 2008). 2o The unilateral guard will be attributed to the genitor who discloses better conditions to exert it e, objective, more aptitude to propitiate to the children the following factors: (Enclosed for the Law n 11,698, of 2008).

I affection in the relations with the genitor and the familiar group; (Enclosed for the Law n 11,698, of 2008). II health and security; (Enclosed for the Law n 11,698, of 2008). III education. (Enclosed for the Law n 11,698, of 2008).