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Electricity consumption in the operation of the electric floor – approximately 30-60 watts per square meter. It all depends on what type of floor temperature you set. Please be aware that, if the system is placed under the floor covered with carpet, need to improve coolant temperature by 4-5 degrees, which will increase energy consumption by at least 15-25%. For all the apparent advantages of floor heating, there are a number of its features, which may affect the health of the owners of heated space. Of course, in contrast to standard heating systems, heated air rises from the floor evenly throughout the room, so there is no temperature difference in different corners of the apartment. When ventilation in the room will be normal air circulation and will be practically no draft. In addition, a heated floor in the nursery will protect your child against colds. But we must necessarily take into account the fact that the use of elektropodogrevaemogo floor greatly reduces humidity, which in itself is harmful to health and contributes to the rapid accumulation of dust.

So that need to be concerned about purchasing a humidifier. Of course, if we are not talking about the bathroom room where the moisture will be the opposite in very handy. Another significant negative gender electrically – is the presence of electromagnetic fields. Our accommodation and so overloaded with electrical appliances, whether or not "enrich" and without Facebook electrified apartment plus radiation? In the 90 years of the last century hygienists drew attention to the relationship of some dysfunctions of the body with high magnetic induction. Research in this area made producers of electrical heating systems look for ways to reduce the emission intensity. Now, almost all manufacturers use a system with two cores heating cable. These elements built feeding the second conductor, and electrical currents, walking as if toward each other, quenched counter vibration. In a thin warm floor counter fluctuations are suppressed due to the proximity of adjacent coils.

Hygienists recommend install floors, which are executed by the so-called bifilar circuit. In Russia it is called "circuit with return conductor. This design reduces the magnetic field from the heating elements of 5-10. and finally recall that during the installation of the heating elements should use natural ingredients as a floor covering – wood or tile, because many polymeric materials under heating can allocate various harmful substances.