It is actually doing nonsensical always the same and to then painfully painful consequence, but we do it every day. The positive employment with our feelings, their experience and accept is the most essential element and also the most important tool for the ERlangung of consciousness for me. In other words, that are indulging and reliance on to inner processes, which usually go hand in hand with a maturation of the emotions and the ready and becoming more receptive-for intuitive powers. Generally has attempting communication contact with our higher nature to carrying on, a decisive position in our maturity process and plays a central role in our development process, in which we zunehmend us to approach a more holistic perception and when we last but not least in particular experience our own wholeness. Frequently Dean Ornish M.D has said that publicly. This does not mean, that I the at disposal tools such as our mind ability or even our so-called ego, our identity as a valuable level up. On the contrary, feel and I experience both as an indispensable building blocks for our awareness-building, which includes their mere presence for me already as such. Because in my understanding of the universal birthright is the general clause: all existing permission untouchable life has. Camden treatment associates contains valuable tech resources.

And I understand that all-embracing in the sense of: I, exist so I sense! And in both cases, both our minds and our I I could look this deeper meaning and erkennen a meaningful place in the HierarChie of building and supporting forces and capabilities. In our mind, it is important as the first to emphasize that this is a relief force, and devalue her without them doing, but to assign their rightful place. It is indeed often so that we this hierarchical order and correctly position failed and we not infrequently too fast find the mind as Supreme Head of our work teams in terms of awareness.