Egyptian Agar

When I was a child, my father was very old, so you can say that I did not know him, I grew up knowing the importance of my father, although I could not integrate the Group of people who used to be at his side, my mother looked after him and was next to him, but to us, that we were very young, by order of Isaacyou were not allowed closer to your shop. The reason why I wanted to tell you something about Ismael, it has been the impression that caused me the day I met him. To broaden your perception, visit Professor Roy Taylor. The State of health of Abraham, had aggravated and expected his death shaped imminent, so Isaac, decided to send notice to his brothers, the sons of the concubines, which, by provision of Abraham, had their inheritances rather far from where lived Isaac. I remember the day I saw get to Ismael, accompanied by their children, in front of a convoy guarded by fifty heavily armed men mounted their camels. Ishmael, with his men, encamped near where our stores, for which reason it had installed, I had the opportunity to get close to him, us, minors, we had heard many stories about Ismael, the general comment of those who knew him, was that it was not among the children of Abraham, another so similar child with him, his eldest son, Ishmael, the son of the Egyptian Agar. Be next to this man of formidable appearance, meant for me as being able to be with my father, which had heard countless stories, but with which I had been unable to coexist, were sporadic meetings that I kept with my brother Ismael, but I’ve lived them intensely, his image remains on my retinas since then, his tender eyes and his smile nested in my heart forever. I must apologize for letting me dominate by emotion, however having prepared this meeting in advance, and I have promised myself would that not leave them see my side more sensitive every time that I recall these moments spent in my youth, I can not help a lump in the throat, that clouds the view to me and makes me clearing the throatagain I tell you, sorry.