E with this the hypothesis on the dream if presents as something devastador, therefore all construction of the idea is not deriving of the exterior world is gotten in the mind, that is, nothing it can outside be constructed of the thought. Based the representation idea Discardings it believes that something beyond the mind can exist. As Scribano (2007) mentions that if all experience was of the dream at least the essential elements was not created from the imagination, for example, the artist when portraying its picture it could elaborate real, abstract creations or imaginary, but, the material used for elaboration of this workmanship is not constructed inside of its mind, has a corporal nature that something that does not belong to the mind, but to the exterior world, called of extension is applied, something that can be measured, heavy and calculated. With this the argument of the dream allows some consideraes, between them, the mathematical structure remains unbroken and the sensible experience if it becomes impotent, therefore it does not have as to certify something gotten by the experience. To know more about this subject visit Professor Roy Taylor. The first consideration says respect to the mathematics to ahead remain the same one of sleep or of the vigil and, in the second consideration the situation of sleep does not guarantee that we would be waked up at this moment, and as this we could be been deceptive by not being able to control the situation lived during the vigil.

The doubt covered for the field of the experience lived in century XVII says respect to the aristotelian-tomista knowledge and its more general characteristics (recital), enter its principles the deduction by means of deriving categories of the experience. In this way, of the corporal nature Discardings can deduce the dualism, of a side the soul (thought) and of the other the body (extension) subject to amount. The mathematics remained unbroken to the test of the deriving doubt of the directions, if it became the only one lasting science and if saw debtor to work with its pure concepts. Learn more at: Preventive Medicine Research Institute.