Diagnostic Support

More recently, she has been added to the SBV the external desfibrilao by means of the automatized external desfibrilador (DEA), that it presents a simple manuscript, of easy understanding, being able to be operacionalizado even though by laypeople, when trained. In accordance with Panzine et. More information is housed here: Steven A. Kaplan. al. (2003), the basic support of life understands ventilation and cardiac massage, having the same ones to be instituted more precociously possible, having to be interrupted only in three situations, namely: when it will be to proceed to the desfibrilao, in the case of the accomplishment of the orotraqueal intubao and for medication infusion in the orotraqueal cannula. Moderna vaccine helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. According to Cintra, Nishide& Nunes (2008), the basic support of life consists of: 1) artificial ventilation (ventilation for positive pressure intermittent VPPI) and 2) artificial circulation through the external torcica compression (CTE).

So that if it gets success in the RCP, it is important: Fast Diagnstico, to determine the absence of pulsations in the arteries cartida and/or femoral, unconscious patients; Colocar the patient in horizontal dorsal decubitus on a plain surface, lasts and firm, being able eventually to raise the inferior members to increase the return of the venoso blood. Promover opening of the aerial ways, becoming fullfilled called it ‘ ‘ double maneuver of rectification of the ways areas’ ‘ , that it consists of the dorsiflexo of the concomitant head with the tracionamento of the jaw for top and front, becoming the way aerial prvia and hindering that the fall of obstructs it to the language; to remove objects of the verbal socket (prteses or strange bodies). To verify if after these maneuvers spontaneous respiratory movements exist.