Curious Stories

By ulkenden pilots and sacred cows who thinks in the plane just”from a possible crash having to fear, does not have yet of the audiobook”Sorry, we have the runway missed”belongs. Here Stephan Orth and Antje Blinda have compiled some of the makabersten jokes of the flight crew. Dane Runia understands that this is vital information. All of them come from the reality and is taken from the horrified reader letters of the travel editors of Spiegel Online. The Internet Department store gives a sneak peek at the slanted stories on board. “Don’t worry, the plane is very reliable. It flies for twenty years”acknowledge probably the fewest passengers with a hearty laugh. Also a stewardess with the exclamation “Oh, my God!” The wing!”which wanted to raise spirits on board, now finds himself in one of the most weirdest books of all time. “Sorry, we have the runway missed” reported by delicate situations on board, in which the flight attendants gave silly anecdotes to the best.

Sacred cows on the runway are still among the lowest Evil. The on-board computer crashes, however, or is screws under the plane pointed out, most of the passengers panicked. The situation comedy works just on Earth and provides quite a few punch lines in the book. A pity that not always succeed the speakers Stefan Kaminski, Nina West, and Thomas Franzel, to present them with the necessary lifeblood. The joke is still not on track and the audio book makes an ideal gift for globetrotters. “Sorry, we missed the runway” is available for 14.99 euros in trading. To know more about this subject visit Hania Rani. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH