Construction Insurance

This is a must for every client, because every construction site risks every construction site risks, for which he absolutely must protect themselves for the builders and his construction projects. Much can go wrong on the construction site. Examples there are many: vandals smear the body with oil paint: 18.000 euro damage, thieves steal the already installed radiators: damage that a storm gust brings 11,000 euros a prebuilt wall to collapse and the severe weather like rain is the basement with the fresh concrete under water: 27.500 euro damage. In these cases may occur doubly bad for the investor, since most contractors are not liable for force majeure. The has already been created and the construction work to be drawn up must be paid twice. Learn more about this with University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Just in a less than calculated funding, each additional euro, which was not planned, can lead to ruin. The construction work insurance is the insurance for the building: it provides compensation for unforeseen damage to construction services and building materials, finished components. Including fall such as storm and hail damage, the vandalism of the construction site by unknown and usually also the theft of already built-in components and glass breakage. No client should save on the construction insurance, especially as the premium for the owner is often only a continuous post. Usually, he can kill the premium on the companies at the construction because these companies through the construction insurance are protected.

The amount of the premium is usually according to the amount of construction. The contributions vary very greatly also the benefits insured with. For a normal family home of 250,000 euros, the one time contribution is in the German insurance market between 178,50 and 1.071,00 (source: comparison of construction insurance: bauleistungsversicherung.html) is not only the contribution to construction insurance for a decision of the builders of great significance, but also additionally insured services should be considered. In almost every construction insurance, the risk of glass breakage is included, but liability ends depending on the insurers with the finished installation, or with the end of the construction period. A small but yet decisive difference. To note is that the construction insurance for all damage comes up: so for example normal frost damage during the winter months also poor construction work by contractors are not covered. Also be aware, excess will be deducted from any claim of 150-300 euros (depending on the plan). So that the client can get a judgment about the different services and offers of insurance companies, IAC GmbH made the first comparison calculator the construction insurance with traffic light assessment of tariffs in the Internet. So, the client can get an immediate overview of the rewards, services and conditions. The value of individual rates client is represented in a unique traffic light system as an aid for the inexperienced.