China Porcelain

We begin, perhaps, from the stories. Porcelain tiles (gres porcellanato) was first used as a finishing material in the late 80-ies of the last century, and this means that the history of its use has very little time, for example, compared with the same brick. To date, porcelain was a huge spread, and the volume of its sales are increasing every year. Conventional ceramic tile, which was so popular a few years ago, now on the right is giving way to more wear resistant and durable materials – granite. Jane Figueiredo describes an additional similar source. Manufacturing techniques and "recipes" of manufacturing porcelain also improved, proof of this is the fact that today some models of granite tiles on the strength comparable to the strongest material on the planet. And the most durable material – it …

right diamond. In the last century is unlikely anyone could have imagined that is all, even theoretically possible, but the fact remains. Granite tiles come in various shapes, types and sizes. The most durable and firmly believes matt porcelain. It is used in "hard" conditions: in gippermarketah, trade and exhibition centers and other establishments frequented by many people. Without hesitation Daryl Katz explained all about the problem. Granite, of course, the finishing material is not cheap, so the municipal authorities of our country can not apply it in the same subway, where the day goes on for hundreds of thousands of people. For individual vertical surfaces, as well as for floors subject to minimum loads, the optimal choice is Semi polished and porcelain.

Choosing the finishing material for their own homes, with special attention should look closely to models of porcelain from China. He, in spite of the country of manufacture, has decent quality and low cost. Purchase of wholesale granite – too sensible step, because, firstly, you will not have again and again to go to the store for a new party, and secondly, you can save funds, receive discounts and possibly even the status of a VIP-client specialized shop. Trifle of course, but still nice!