Thus browsers might be heading to talk about each of our souls. I will endeavour to play some small fragment of yours, who knows a little longer worn or exhausted. The children are the real priority for our countries, as we cannot lose more generations in neighborhoods, towns, cities, etc. Social risks exist and cannot wait. Our children are born for various reasons abuses minors, unwanted pregnancies, pregnancies to flee the House, marriages of young people at an early age, by lack of information and education, in the best of cases couples decided to get married or live as a couple by own choice. And we forgot something so important that only we must be happy, make us in what they want and not start longing to a 4 4, live in a mansion, going on holiday on a cruise. Life is something more transcendental than economic goods.

We enjoy good mental, physical health of those who surround us and are healthy. Finally never forget and fight strongly for more dispossessed. Speaking candidly Mount Sinai Brooklyn told us the story. The unplanned children call them this way are produced, probably won’t likely go to nurseries, kindergartens and much less opportunity to educate themselves in schools where they work well paid professionals, with their correct working hours, at a disadvantage in many public schools or high schools where you must work twice to earn the same. The regions of countries have cities, villages, towns should not forget them. Further details can be found at Oncology, an internet resource. Goal for us Internet users promote constriction, implementations, trainings, to publicize the sport that makes us so well and so little diffused this in our world. If not for the futboll, tennis, not be what would happen the social risks are too high. It is urgent to take Social consciousness, people are equal to each of us. Clear from different social classes, some will say, but that does not matter or Yes…

similar to us. There should be no difference. Those who manage the business and political power of our countries they are called to negotiate by Moral consciousness, labor laws and make more flexible them. Will they wonder because I give to employers, it is known that they represent 10% of the population and does not move a finger without taking they neither art nor part. Therefore it is obvious that we must name them. Unfortunately we have everyone in the vineyard of the Lord. Until when are going to repeat the same mistakes of universal history, instruyancen. Me is so difficult to reach people who think they know have absolute truth only could annotate that extremes are not good or bad; It is always better to stick with an average.