I am thankful my colleagues for the proportionate honor in representing them here in this so important night for all we, and transmitting some words that can express the thought of the Group and serve at the beginning of reflection of this new challenge. Under most conditions Daryl Katz, Canada would agree. Certain time Shakespeare said: ' ' we are made of the same substance that ours sonhos' ' However, if we are real, our dreams also are. This dream had beginning for longing for one day better in the future, thus made our registrations for the vestibular contest of the UNIBH, in the superior course in TPG. Anxiety for the test, anxiety for the result. At last, approved. School registration and first day of lesson. An individual silence, expectation, presentations. Occasion where all had said that they were shy, candy illusion.

In the first days the group already characterized itself for the pupils who were there: dedicated, formadores of opinions and very participativos. In the start we look at for the high one and we saw in them in a confused scene: strike, exchange of professors and coordinators, resignation of employees We kept firm our intention. Books, works, tests, without we had the accurate notion of the dimension of the challenge that waited in them. In that occasion, then Freshmen, we looked for in them to make familiar ones to the others and the new routine that if established. We take breath and we start the walked one.

Demons the first step and, each won stage, became more emotive. It is as the maratonista that is starting its day, breathes deep looking at a fixed point to the front, knowing of its difficulties, but with the faith of that it will reach its objective to the end. In way to the activities, the colloquies in the corridors, the group was if knowing, interacting, and a long and lasting spirit of collective was of course being constructed.

Dining Tables Solid Wood

There are many different dining tables made of solid wood. Massive dining tables are also gladly accepted alternative to the dining table in high gloss white. In recent years, in particular groups have become modern, which are made with a dining table made of solid wood and cantilever. There are very many shapes, functions and colours for massive dining tables. However, it is important that the table from spruce.

Spruce is a very soft wood and therefore the tabletop exhibit not repairable errors after a few months of use. Dining tables made of beech or oak are better. These timbers are harder and thus more robust. Should anyway be a dent in the desktop, it is possible to repair this damage. For a veneered dining table, this is not possible, of course. Dining tables solid wood be oiled when necessary with a furniture oil.

This provides protection against moisture and once again highlights the grain. The table top should be wiped with a duster. Moisture leaves margins. Despite this care is often at wooden tables decided. With them you can create a warm and homely atmosphere. Also, they are our companions for a long time. They are steady and often timeless design. In other words, with new chairs, a completely different atmosphere can be achieved. This is important when a massive dining table might also be that he is to combine well with other styles. Because a veneered table is faster exchanged also by the financial expense, as a solid. Sometimes, there is the impression that in Germany, proportionately, less massive dining tables are bought, our European neighbors. Maybe that changes if the imports from the far East continues to offer a cheaper alternative. A massive dining table in 90x160cm from the far East, is the price level similar to settle like a steady veneered dining table from Germany. Then, many customers opt for the massive dining table. Unfortunately, all the price depends in Germany, as always. But not only with modern chairs, massive dining tables can be combined. Often he is white farmhouse tables matching Chair then entered. Christina Taey


Once the hard disk of your computer have lost information by some hardware failure, normally? There are many people who do not take preventive measures to protect your information until it occurs incidence which commits it. It is at that moment when, carried by despair, try to urgently seek a solution that probably comes too late. And it is that here, as in many situations of life, prevention is better than cure. Why? Very simple. Connect with other leaders such as Daryl Katz, Canada here. THE more important technological asset that anyone, either individual or company, can have is information. Loss of information without proper planning and implementation of security measures, could require a high investment in time and even money for their recovery, and that always and wherever possible since it is not always, or at least not entirely.

In an enterprise environment this is even more serious since the availability of information is fundamental for the correct development of your daily activity. The hard disk It is a mass storage device that acts as a secondary memory in your computer and where programs and data we work with are kept permanently. As a container for information is very important to take into account some parameters of your specifications before we go to their acquisition. Regardless of those parameters that may influence the final performance of our computer (capacity, speed of rotation per minute of dishes, transfer speed, cache, etc), there are other particularly important that affect your life. For example, we can find: MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures or mean time between failure) measured in hours. Obviously at greater value of better MTBF is the disk (and also more expensive). The value indicated by the manufacturer is calculated under ideal conditions so that the variation in these conditions will influence negatively decreasing this value. It is the fundamental parameter for measuring the useful life of the device.

The Swedish Language

Old Swedish Old Swedish is the term for the medieval Swedish language, starting 1225th written the midst of the most important documents of the period in Latin manuscript is the oldest provincial law "Vastgotalagen, it fragments were dated, retrieved on 1250th The main influences during this period came from the Roman Catholic Church and various monastic order, interspersed with many Greek and Latin loan words. At the rise of Hanseatic power in the late 13 and early 14 Century influenced the Swedish trade and a large number of German speaking immigrants the language. Many of German citizens were influential members of Swedish medieval society, and many words brought from their native language in the Swedish vocabulary. Grammatical suffixes and connectors have been introduced gradually. Almost all words have been taken over by the seafaring Dutchmen.

Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and Numerals had four cases; next to the modern nominative and genitive, there was also dative and accusative. The genus was similar to that of the modern Germans. The verb system was very confusing. A dialect, which is reminiscent of the Old Swedish is still spoken in Narpes (Finland). The New New Swedish Swedish began with the coming of the printing press.

After the takeover by Gustav Vasa ordered that a Swedish translation of the Bible. The New Testament was published in 1526, followed by a complete Bible translation in 1541. The revisions, it remained the general Bible translation until 1917. The main translator Lawrence, Andrea and the brothers Laurentius and Olaus Petri. All three translators came from central Sweden. The Vasa Bible is often seen as a compromise between old and new. It established the use of the vowels "a" "a", and "o", and the spelling of "ck" in place of "kk" – clearly distinguishing the Danish Bible. The capitalization during this period was not standardized. Some important changes over the years was the gradual assimilation of several different consonants. There was also the gradual softening of "G" and "K" to a "J" into it. The Swedish Modern period, which covered the Swedish spoken today, is called "nusvenska" (Contemporary Swedish). Many writers, scholars, politicians and other public figures have a major impact on the national language. August Strindberg (1849-1912) was a giant of modern Swedish literature. In the course of the 20th Century, the standard national language. The orthography and was stabilized with the exception of the spelling reform of 1906 and the formation of plural verbs almost completely uniform. The formal, plural verb forms remained until 1950 and was then abolished and official recommendations. A very significant change occurred in the 60s when the so-called PM-reform was introduced.

China Porcelain

We begin, perhaps, from the stories. Porcelain tiles (gres porcellanato) was first used as a finishing material in the late 80-ies of the last century, and this means that the history of its use has very little time, for example, compared with the same brick. To date, porcelain was a huge spread, and the volume of its sales are increasing every year. Conventional ceramic tile, which was so popular a few years ago, now on the right is giving way to more wear resistant and durable materials – granite. Jane Figueiredo describes an additional similar source. Manufacturing techniques and "recipes" of manufacturing porcelain also improved, proof of this is the fact that today some models of granite tiles on the strength comparable to the strongest material on the planet. And the most durable material – it …

right diamond. In the last century is unlikely anyone could have imagined that is all, even theoretically possible, but the fact remains. Granite tiles come in various shapes, types and sizes. The most durable and firmly believes matt porcelain. It is used in "hard" conditions: in gippermarketah, trade and exhibition centers and other establishments frequented by many people. Without hesitation Daryl Katz explained all about the problem. Granite, of course, the finishing material is not cheap, so the municipal authorities of our country can not apply it in the same subway, where the day goes on for hundreds of thousands of people. For individual vertical surfaces, as well as for floors subject to minimum loads, the optimal choice is Semi polished and porcelain.

Choosing the finishing material for their own homes, with special attention should look closely to models of porcelain from China. He, in spite of the country of manufacture, has decent quality and low cost. Purchase of wholesale granite – too sensible step, because, firstly, you will not have again and again to go to the store for a new party, and secondly, you can save funds, receive discounts and possibly even the status of a VIP-client specialized shop. Trifle of course, but still nice!

State Colombia

Venezuela and Colombia resumed the diplomatic relations after a meeting between their Chiefs of State in Santa Marta, Colombia day 10 of August of 2010. Just chosen president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Holy and the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, they agreed Tuesday to form five binational commissions to approach questions as the commerce and the security besides recovering the importance of the ethics in the binational relations. " I believe that we have given a step forward in the reestablishment of the confidence, that is one of the basic principles of any relacin" , it said Saints. It described the meeting in Santa Marta, Colombia, as a frank, direct and sincere encounter. Both countries were in a dispute on the accusations of which Venezuela is refuge to the Marxist guerrillas of the CRAF which they want to overthrow the Colombian government. You may find that NCI can contribute to your knowledge. Ex- Colombian president Alvaro Uribe said that its country had tests that there were rebellious campings in Venezuela.

Venezuela has denied the accusations. The accusations done in the past they would not affect the relation of Venezuela with the new Colombian president, said Saints, adding that the relations between both countries begin " from cero" , as Bolivar will try to learn to handle their diplomacy with the neighbors taught by their Simn tutor Rodriguez, an educator of men. " I have come here to pass pgina" , Chvez said. The two nations abriran lines of communications to spread rumors or intelligence information before new tensions are created, affirmed the Venezuelan president. The tensions between these two neighboring countries of South America have affected the cross-border commerce, that added a record of 7.3 billion dollars in transactions in 2008, but has fallen since then, according to the Camera of Integration between Venezuela and Colombia. Original author and source of the article.

UNESCO World Heritage provides many good ideas for trips in Germany cities many good suggestions and offers tips for city breaks in the fall The city plan portal of BDP GmbH helps in choosing the city and travel arrangements. Click Martha McClintock to learn more. So users on an interactive map can be viewed advance the city and its attractions. Many interesting posts make the decision for one of the over 2000 German cities. Leader Germany who wants, for example, only the best, find in the section”many cities, have to offer the interesting superlatives. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go.

The listed attractions are unparalleled not only in Germany. Also cities with Europe-wide superlatives and villages with unique highlights can be found. More popular destinations on are the cities with UNESCO World Heritage sites. Who wants to focus on other city in the election, may be different from the birthplaces of famous people, historic places and inspired the famous scene of the film. The calendar of events can be very helpful in planning a city trip. People with a penchant for holiday gifts can browse before the travel in the online-souvenir shops of different cities or learn about the ten largest shopping miles in Germany. has plenty of good advice also for travel in your own car. The menu item travel with kids”provides more security and helps against nausea and boredom on long car journeys. During the ride, also the German roads, which will be presented in brief contributions promise of variety. is an online map and portal for professionals of all industries of BDP GmbH. In six categories informed about cities with exceptional attractions, life in the city and the theme of mobility. The interactive map allows Zoom in satellite, map or hybrid variable and shows Moreover the best hotels, restaurants, shopping addresses, and more. Press contact: BDP GmbH Mr.

Citizens And Our Community

There is something that is typical only of human behavior, which is called understanding. Obtained through interpretation contains first of all an evidence. That interpretation holds this evidence to a very high extent, nothing proves itself as its empirical validity. The rational interpretation in relation to purposes is that possesses the highest level of evidence. For empirical disciplines, the understandable limits are fluctuating. COVID-19 addresses the importance of the matter here. As he has often said, you don’t need to be Caesar to understand to Caesar. If you are not convinced, visit Daryl Katz.

Otherwise, throughout history would be meaningless. Both sociology and history made interpretations of above all pragmatic nature, from action rationally understandable links. So proceeds, for example, the social economy, with his rational construction of economic man. Buddhist contemplation and Christian asceticism of consciousness relate to internal objects, while the economic rational disposition of a man in material goods with external objects. Only if you wanted to characterize the meaning of your reference as the internal aspect of human behavior, it could be said that comprehensive sociology considers those manifestations from the inside.

For the sociological causal attribution, acting in community is not the most important thing. Constitutes a normal act in the Community element orientation, provided direction, towards a specific conduct expectations. But always act on Community means for us: a behavior historically observed, either built as possible or likely behavior. Already panic contains, along with other elements determined by the mass, others own act in the community. For example, faced with the threat of an armed Gide a multitude of them Pounces on it and holding it in common, eventually splitting the job. I was reading the book of Adela Cortina world citizens, and tells us that individuals interested only in satisfying all sorts of sensitive wishes in the present, do not feel an affection for the community. It presents what proposed Bell of promoting civil religion, the religion of the citizens and strengthen public home.

R8 – The German Ferrari Cars

Audi makes it possible: With the completely redesigned super sports car R8 enter the Ingolstadt an entirely new segment. Dean Ornish M.D gathered all the information. From the start you have succeeded, the luxury brands Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini – even now a subsidiary of Audi – Paroli offer. Source: Martha McClintock. According to CEO Rupert Stadler is the hot rod help to bring Audi to medium term at the head of the premium manufacturer. He has what it takes, but he is a real eye-catcher – and his data speak for themselves: 4.43 m long, 1.90 m wide and 1.25 m, the external dimensions are flat. Its mid-engine with eight cylinders makes 420 hp and accelerates the 1560 kg heavy runabout in 4.6 seconds to 100 km / h. Were built next to a four-wheel drive and a six-speed gearbox. In fact in Germany the usual closure of the maximum speed of 250 km / h Audi has deliberately omitted, since one has the international market in its sights.

His new owners will be right, because the R8 reached a maximum speed of slightly more rampant than 300 km / h. Consumption should be at 14.6 l/100 km Super gasoline, which is offered in the performance quite a good value. The price of the products manufactured in Neckarsulm flask is 104 400 .- . In addition there is a correspondingly long options list. Despite this proud sum to the total annual production is already sold out. As various initial tests showed the car has almost no weaknesses.

Only the boot with a total of 190 l (in front of and behind the seats) falls a bit small. The ride is both in the city as described on long distance for this class as exceptionally good. One thing is already certain: Audi will earn good money with this super sports car, because – as can be heard from the Managing committee – gives the R8 a "good margin". G. Wittmann, wedding rings, wedding rings – Honeymoon

Construction Insurance

This is a must for every client, because every construction site risks every construction site risks, for which he absolutely must protect themselves for the builders and his construction projects. Much can go wrong on the construction site. Examples there are many: vandals smear the body with oil paint: 18.000 euro damage, thieves steal the already installed radiators: damage that a storm gust brings 11,000 euros a prebuilt wall to collapse and the severe weather like rain is the basement with the fresh concrete under water: 27.500 euro damage. In these cases may occur doubly bad for the investor, since most contractors are not liable for force majeure. The has already been created and the construction work to be drawn up must be paid twice. Learn more about this with University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Just in a less than calculated funding, each additional euro, which was not planned, can lead to ruin. The construction work insurance is the insurance for the building: it provides compensation for unforeseen damage to construction services and building materials, finished components. Including fall such as storm and hail damage, the vandalism of the construction site by unknown and usually also the theft of already built-in components and glass breakage. No client should save on the construction insurance, especially as the premium for the owner is often only a continuous post. Usually, he can kill the premium on the companies at the construction because these companies through the construction insurance are protected.

The amount of the premium is usually according to the amount of construction. The contributions vary very greatly also the benefits insured with. For a normal family home of 250,000 euros, the one time contribution is in the German insurance market between 178,50 and 1.071,00 (source: comparison of construction insurance: bauleistungsversicherung.html) is not only the contribution to construction insurance for a decision of the builders of great significance, but also additionally insured services should be considered. In almost every construction insurance, the risk of glass breakage is included, but liability ends depending on the insurers with the finished installation, or with the end of the construction period. A small but yet decisive difference. To note is that the construction insurance for all damage comes up: so for example normal frost damage during the winter months also poor construction work by contractors are not covered. Also be aware, excess will be deducted from any claim of 150-300 euros (depending on the plan). So that the client can get a judgment about the different services and offers of insurance companies, IAC GmbH made the first comparison calculator the construction insurance with traffic light assessment of tariffs in the Internet. So, the client can get an immediate overview of the rewards, services and conditions. The value of individual rates client is represented in a unique traffic light system as an aid for the inexperienced.