If you go to sleep is rare – it's bad. But often, insomnia becomes chronic. Then you urgently need help to sleep disturbance did not inflict irreparable harm to the body. Because a person can be absolutely no sleep no more than 3-4 days! (Remember, in the eastern countries was such torture – a man not allowed to sleep. 2-3 days people just went crazy.) There are several recommendations in order to cope with sleep disorders: – before bedtime should ventilate the room – the bed should not be too hard but not too soft – linens and pajamas choose only from natural materials – does not fill the stomach before bedtime, dinner at least two hours before bedtime – do not drink before going to bed a lot of water – exercise and other active up to 2 hours before bedtime – very useful for a leisurely stroll before going to sleep in the fresh air – a glass of warm milk with honey before bed acts as a mild sedative – you can before bedtime take a warm bath with soothing foams or oils. Of course, these recommendations are valid only when the regular complying with them. However, the pace of modern life and constant lack of time make their implementation very difficult.

Means to combat To combat insomnia with insomnia, many use sleeping pills. However, medication – sleeping pills can be used only on prescription. Some sleeping pills have side effects, and almost all develops addictive. Each time you have to gradually increase the dose or switch to a more powerful sedative. And so, day after day, until the end of life, because discontinuation of sleeping pills lead to a withdrawal syndrome – Strengthening and deepening of insomnia. Fortunately, there is another proven remedy for centuries for insomnia. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, acupuncture and acupressure for the normalization of sleep.

Meaning this method is to work on biologically active points of the body in different ways, thus prompting the body to regulate itself and help it to cope with insomnia alone, without sleeping pills. Again have to turn to professionals and spend valuable time for completion of treatment. LifeWave nanotechnology from insomnia can affect the soft terms Acupuncture waves of a certain frequency without the use of needles and other special funds. Enough glue nanonakleyku LifeWave at a certain point, and quietly go to sleep. After 3-5 minutes of the organism itself tunes a wave and come strong healthy sleep. Numerous trials and tests have shown that the use of nanonakleek insomnia does not give any side effects or drowsiness during the day, no dizziness, no addiction. This is explained by the fact that your body does not get any drugs, as from insomnia do not. Not recommended for use LifeWave pregnant women and children under 12 years.