Contraceptive Methods

The research disclosed the profile of the interviewed ones, its main doubts and investigations. He also showed the form as the professor transmitted the thematic one, in accordance with the understanding of the pupils, who had displayed its knowledge regarding as if to prevent, through the use of contraceptive methods, its myths. The adolescents also affirm that they learn more on sexuality in the school of what with the parents, therefore the dialogue is almost inexistent and when it occurs is vacant, with superficial explanations. research points with respect to the fact of the boys to know more if to prevent of DST’ s of what the girls, while these better know to prevent themselves of the precocious pregnancy. Both had also recognized that the prevention way most efficient, as much for the pregnancy how much for the DST’ s, is the use of the masculine condom The adolescents know the majority of the prevention methods, but they believe that the responsibility biggest for the pregnancy is of the girls, since they are they that they generate the child.

She is also disclosed that the girls more are opened to the dialogue and feel the will more to speak on the subject. This research leaves sufficiently clearly that the school assumes the task to try to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy between adolescents and, for this, to show the prevention methods, searching to acquire knowledge them of that adolescence is not an adjusted period to become mother or father. (ALTMANN, 2003.p.309). However, so that it has a good performance and participation of the young ones if it makes necessary the participation accomplishes of the educators, elaborating and organizing thematic organized in different aspects, inside of one practical one based on the respect to the person human being in its totality.