With The Sports Board-radar

sportbrett continues to range from Hamburg, Germany, November 10, 2013 – the makers of sportbrett.de at full throttle and continue to build the sports facilities on the platform. The portal offers its users now the sports board radar to find the favorite sport and the corresponding training partner: This makes possible cooperation with the company of Geoflags. It is committed maps to the target with a variety of markings such as Cafes, museums, to provide mail boxes or events. So they are available anytime and anywhere the user of not only mobile devices. Sportbrett.de should be the focus now on venue and events surrounding the sport in the foreground. The Sportbrettler can now use the service after logging on his personal home page. The user is asked a click on the radar later, the service permission to determine the current location.

Positive response by the user the appropriate city appears automatically this. By input of the place, or more precisely, the zip code, it can also display manually nearby sports facilities. The range of products ranges from nearest gyms, swimming pools and spas to sports clubs and sports clubs as well as great running and cycling routes. Also current sports facilities, such as an upcoming marathon or a football game are displayed. Especially in times of a growing number of users of mobile devices with the stranger a very practical method to find suitable sports opportunities. Yet an another website addition 3.0 feature of sports board radar similar to Google’s latitude: so should it be possible to hold its current position in the sports board radar and see other sports Board members in the environment or the own position display this.

By the chance to display the current location in real time, it is more easily possible to compete with other sports Brettlern in contact with our users. So you can join just to a spontaneous, common cycling, running or rollerblading. This is exactly the interactivity, the we us at introduce sportbrett.de “, is the founder of Sportbrett.de, Thomas Fimpel, enthusiastic. With this feature, it will be hard, not the training partners or opportunities and thus the appropriate excuse to find to be able to play just any sports. Sportbrett.de: Sports Board was founded by Thomas Fimpel in July 2010 and is headquartered in Hamburg. “True to the motto mean sports network” the startup provides a platform where anyone athletic can create a content personalized interface. From the currently soccer, motor sports, fitness, boxing to seven main categories available and includes every user easily his desired topics widgets or RSS feeds martial arts, ball and bowling, winter sports or trend – and fun. Thanks to the innovative technology based on Web 3.0 receives thus each member information in real time on the self-defined sports Board”around sport, nutrition and health. Also shared content of other Sportbrettler can motivation and sports incentive in the personal profile page are involved. The platform also addressed sport newspapers, magazines and portals that would enlarge the circle of readers, with their contents on sports Board and thus sustainably increase the advertising revenue.