In the event of fire Thermo-SIM does not destroyed within 40-60 minutes. This important property of Thermo-SIM prevents melting of the working reinforcement (welded wire mesh and space frames) in wall units at fires, which inevitably leads to a rapid collapse of the building. Thermo-SIM withstand multiple cycles of temperature changes! Thermo-SIM does not contain polystyrene (EPS), which is known to be well lit, and the products of its combustion are extremely dangerous to human life ( gases)! The motion of gas is always comes from a warm zone in the cooler. Therefore, higher than in the room temperature during combustion will inevitably drive the foam harmful substances through the fence into the apartment. Because Thermo-SIM does not burn in an open flame, it can also be used on sites where the use of foam-polystyrene generally is not allowed.

This building with enhanced safety requirements and responsibilities (hospitals, child care, etc.), as well as buildings with high humidity indoor (swimming pools, saunas, solariums, saunas, spas, car washes, etc.). 4. weight One cubic meter of dry mix Thermo-SIM weighs 320 kg/m3. Thermo-SIM is 5 times lighter classical plaster (1300 kg/m3), free floats in water. Thus, Thermo-SIM reduces the static load of the building, allowing you to reduce the wall thickness of up to 30%, which significantly eases the burden on the foundation, but in general – leads to a reduction of capital costs for new construction or reconstruction. 4.