The Risks Of Weight Loss

You may have already tried dieting before and the results have not been the best, or maybe he got what he wanted but did not last long enough. This happens very often and the reason is that diets used for weight loss are not always appropriate. For a diet is effective is important that you provide your body all the nutrients you need. When weight loss diets do not provide the body with needed nutrients in the body occur some counterproductive things: 1. Malnutrition: The reason people gain weight is because they consume too much energy (fat, carbohydrate and protein). The obvious solution is to stop eating. The problem is that when doing this not only leaves the body for energy, but also other nutrients you need. This unbalances your body and your health deteriorates.

When you notice how diet may lower their energy, becomes more irritable and experience other discomforts. This diet will give up more easily. 2. Slowing of metabolism: how defense mechanism against the loss of weight, your body will reduce the metabolic rate. This will expend fewer calories than before, and the new metabolic rate is maintained even when the diet ends. This will once again like I used to eat, gain weight more easily than before. 3.

Fluid loss: Many of the recommended diets provide fluid loss and although this makes the weight loss increases the imbalance in your body. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. So when you return to a normal diet, recovers quickly the weight she had lost. Rebound Effect: This effect occurs is the rapid recovery of all the weight lost. This happens because your body perceives that the amount of food you will receive in the next season can drastically reduce in the future. So to avoid that her life is in danger, now eating normally, your body will begin to accumulate more fat than before, to have a reservation. To avoid these problems you must: 1. Choose a diet that will allow your body have all the nutrients you need while receiving fewer calories. 2. Prevent your body perceives that you are going through a time of scarcity: 3. Dieting help you lose weight without feeling hungry. 4. Supplement your diet with exercise to lose weight without cutting as many calories from their diet. To learn more about a healthy diet and effective PD Oscar Alejandro Cordoba. I want to know your opinion on this article to improve and know what kind of information you want. Please go to this and let me your opinion.