Upon arrival at Pearson went on a long long time corridor in the direction of Customs. There were three officers standing in austere sort out the crowd flew – to whom, incidentally checking the PR card. We simply asked the passport, immigrating we all – told where to go, not forgetting cordially welcome to add: Welcome to Canada!. Next up on the second floor on the escalator and went to the racks of border guards, who take all flown. Read more from The Greater New York Construction User Council to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Then came a strange, in my opinion, embarrassment for Canada – we went after a young woman with a child turns forward, she came over and asked the lady, who stood in front, would not she mind if we go forward.

The lady mumbled something unintelligible (or just did not understand the question, I think) and fell silent. Well, we and were ahead (always thought it was okay to go ahead with young children). Then, the same lady says: Is there any reason, why you, guys, go ahead of all the line?. A strange kind of. Woman with child responds: Yeah, we are with little children, I told you.

The lady says that, well, she too had once been young children, but she never walked on stage. I immediately thought, "well, stupid." In general, a woman with a child is (we did not intervene until the residents even decided to keep quiet): No problem, if you want, you can go ahead …. The lady refused, but then another three minutes and was talking with others in the queue, it is NEVER, NEVER was protected well children to go forward line. Maybe it is not accepted, I do not know, but stand in a queue of 200 people after 9-hour flight from child as a fact that, well, in general, this is wrong. Then the standard questions: to travel with valuables? Then, any valuable things will come for you? OK, pass.

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Knossos Royal

On the beach the guests a variety of water sports, some of which are already included in the price when booking system "all inclusive". For three seasons hotel offers a second alternative type of food, along with breakfast, – All Inclusive. Throughout the day, in the numerous bars serving snacks, and in the central restaurants dinner is not uniform, at least 3 times a week guests can enjoy themed nights (Greek, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine) with a special menu and decorations. In the evening, opens its doors to the central bar or night club with an extensive cocktail menu. When 'All Inclusive' every guest every week has the opportunity to dine at the tavern Artemis, which serves Greek delicacies and once a week to attend the gala dinner by candlelight in a restaurant a la card. As in other hotels in Aldemar price includes brand and import beverages, bars waiter service.

Nice addition to the pool bars – wine bars and traditional cafe Uzeriya, where you can taste the national drink alcoholic beverages and a real "Greek coffee". Five-star resort Knossos Royal offers its guests travel with children, many additional services. Younger guests receive special attention. For them, 10:00 – 18:00 open playsets Mini Clubs ALDY. Here, kids from 4 to 12 years old can have fun at supervision of experienced animators, educators. Mini Club ALDY – a specially equipped area with pools, fountains, slides and swings. Immediately provide indoor recreation room, where several times a day, put up a table with snacks, juices and ice cream.

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His Highness Karasin

About the behavior of goldfish in a variety of weather too, not all clearly and unambiguously. There were times when carp was caught in a gloomy overcast day, almost at it's spitting rain, and the next day when the sun shone, the bite lasted nearly the same intensity. Much depends on the the nature of the reservoir, time and condition of the fisherman. Carp nibble, too, is different. Most fishing on Karasin want to see the famous bite with a characteristic piece of a bed on the water float.

This occurs because the nozzle takes the carp from the bottom and, straightening up in a horizontal position, lifts the hook. That is why the float on Karasin gear to be very sensitive and shipped so that fall at the slightest rise. However, such a confident character happens to Karasin bite is not always. Most often carp for a long time, "eyeing" attachment to "touch" her, as if not daring to seize unreliable, and therefore empty cuttings on Karasin fishing is much more than any other. As to when exactly to do cuttings, consensus does not exist. Here everyone relies on their own experience and knowledge of the material.

The main thing – to feel or try to predict the mood of His Majesty. Will it play long with a nozzle or shortly will draw confidence in his mouth if he would pull at the impaled on the hook for the dough, or today, he likes actively eating the worm. Everything depends on the Carp! A sour cream-it is a miracle as well! If you're in luck with fishing and the catch was more than decent (2-3 kg), there are several proven ways to eat of His Majesty in culinary and gastronomic terms. Karas and his fellow you can just fry in a skillet heated well, pre-roll in flour or breadcrumbs. Salt and spices to taste. It is advisable to cook carp appears crisp and to the table served with potatoes, but sprinkled with greens. Ah … good! You can do the same, but added after frying the fish cream sauce, which is obtained from the usual sour cream by adding onuyu the same flour, salt and spices to taste. In this scenario, a fish stew for 2-3 hours, which gives Carp unique aroma and distinctive taste. Personally, I tasted more than once – Yum! But in his ear, His Highness does not run recommend. Due to the calmness of his character eats goldfish bottom feed, meat and it clearly gives the mud, so that the soup is better not to mess with. Although some gourmets love and who love tei tourism …

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