Evrazier. Faithful Dog For Families

No secret to anyone that the history of civilization for tens of centuries, is inextricably intertwined with the history of development and dogs. If you believe Kipling, the dog immediately became the very first creation, which is primitive man has managed to tame. You may want to visit mitochondrial DNA to increase your knowledge. And though the story is, of course, not in a position to lay claim to historical authenticity, but each story is preserved grain of authenticity. No wonder that even today say that the dog – the most reliable companion to people. However, besides reliability, each dog is different and in addition a unique temperament. While it will not depend solely on personal characteristics, but also on the breed.

For example, buying a dog breed evrazier, should not expect that it will provide you with a company on the hunt, and a German shepherd – will play a role in peace-room decorative dog. In direct proportion to the rocks, changing physical needs of dogs, and in addition features its behavior. For this reason, choosing a dog for their housing, most reasonable to initially pay close attention to her habits. Very significantly to the temperament of dogs had in common, at least half, with the temperament of host. The reason is obvious: in order to better perceive their own dog and do not get irritated by her behavior the owner is forced to realize that there are some elements that are impossible to win upbringing.

And in a situation If a dog is for hunting animals, it would be quick and will want lots of exercise if the dog was created as a decoration, then it will be running around begging for a bit. On the other hand, if you are looking for dog breed Podenco Portuguese, then you have to be on taste and external appearance puppy. Since you'll be all the time watching him, so his taste is required to take into account. But, of course, there is this kind of phenomenon such as attachment at first sight, even to the dog, and still hope for such should not be. Moreover, it is important to bear in mind that a dog – a member of your own little family. Because it is necessary that all, without exception, members of the family reacted positively to the appearance of a home a puppy. Because otherwise, including a beautiful dog Moody will be in a position when it begins to feel miserable. Such an ordeal can lead to a increased weakness of the health of your pet, without thinking even about the complexities of behavior, like an unloved child. By the way, about the ailments. In many dog breeds have their own "weak spots". This is natural, because that artificial selection often leads not only to obtain certain desired external characteristics, but also to save the breed some internal abnormalities. In this scenario, should initially get an adequate supply of data on this topic, to be able to eliminate problems before they occur.

Cordyceps Diseases

Drugs companies 'ASTER' designed to prevent and treat disease in humans. However effective they are in use and for small animals. Despite this, the drugs are not yet found wide application in veterinary medicine. And that, in primarily due to the lack of awareness about their unique properties, as pet owners and veterinarians. Preparations based on Cordyceps is well combined with synthetic drugs, used in the treatment of dogs and cats, as well as vaccines, used for prevention of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. Especially necessary to emphasize the importance of liquid Cordyceps-containing drugs for exotic birds, rodents, reptiles and turtles. Because these animals, synthetic drugs are often toxic or cause severe side effects. Liquid Cordyceps-containing drugs for animals – great find! As mammals, they not only eliminate the deficit of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, but also has a sedative effect, but also contribute to the correction of the energy-homeostasis.

Preparations the basis of cordyceps can be incorporated into the scheme of treatment and prevention of diseases associated with metabolic disorders and infectious diseases of animals. Since the liquid Cordyceps-containing drugs significantly improve physical and energetic homeostasis, it can be used to enhance the stability of the animal before surgery and the postoperative period. The introduction of cats and dogs liquid Cordyceps-containing drugs during operations, stabilize the heart and lungs, helps reduce the dose of drugs for anesthesia, which allows the animals for 2-3 hours earlier to withdraw from it. Some pet owners sometimes asked: 'As to whether the application for such a unique animal drugs, what are the drugs companies' ASTER'? We believe that their application for small animals is completely justified! From an economic point of view advantageous to give an animal medication quality than substitutes or feeding questionable production.