The Hamburg-based Web Agency atlantis media congratulates the Autism one year successful work Hamburg Hamburg e.V., 10.02.2011: parents of autistic children often alone stand with their problems and concerns. The path to the correct diagnosis is often Rocky and full of obstacles, after the diagnosis shock and helplessness outweigh first. The Autism Hamburg e.V. Myocarditis understood the implications. initiative of parents was founded by concerned parents aiming to bundle their own experience gathered over the years and to pass on their knowledge to other affected families. Recently, the topic of autism in the media is considered more closely, the search for qualified information is still difficult. The medium of the Internet has been very helpful in this regard. Source: Sam Lesser UPenn.

Autism Hamburg was looking for a way to expose their content using a Web site of the public therefore beginning of 2010. The initiative submitted to the Hamburg-based TYPO3 agency atlantis media GmbH their concern and they spontaneously agreed concept, design and technical Implementation of the new website pro-bono to take over. It quickly became clear: autism, there are a number of basic information that should be consistently represented on the Internet. In addition, autism Hamburg needed an easy way to update the contents of the website and to add, but for current events, as well as new research or therapeutic approaches. Atlantis chose the content management system TYPO3 media homepage therefore as a technical basis. After a media of carried out comprehensive administration and editor training can independently and comfortably maintain the volunteers of autism Hamburg the content of the new website and update from atlantis. Through the open source, also no license fees apply technology. The side of the parents initiative at is online since March 2010.

You will find among other things information about early support programmes for autistic children, addressed the legal questions on the subject of autism and cooperations with the Hamburg authorities presented. You can see what information gap was thus closed, on the great and only positive response to the offer. has quickly established itself as number one on search queries about local Hamburg offers and legal issues for concerned parents. The national significance of the site increases constantly. This is not least thanks to the very dedicated work of volunteers of autism Hamburg, which provided site with great devotion and care that maintain them and feed again and again with new information. Atlantis media, TYPO3 agency from Hamburg, congratulates to this success and will continue the ongoing technical support of page.

Ceremony Of NorGA Award 2012

Two works to convince the jury of Wiesbaden this year, April 2012 for the third time was awarded this year the NorGA (Norgine gastro Award), an award for outstanding gastroenterological work. Two winners prevailed, Priv.-Doz.. Dr. Oliver Pech, Director of endoscopy and senior physician of the HSK Wiesbaden and Priv.-Doz.. Dr. Jutta Keller, senior physician at the Jewish Hospital of Hamburg.

In his work, Dr. Oliver Pech compares the endoscopic and surgical resection of mucosal beret carcinoma in two high volume “-centers.” Dr. Jutta Keller examined the detection of moderate exocrine pancreatic insufficiency by a modified 13 C breath test with mixed triglycerides. Both will receive a prize money of 5,000 euros by Norgine. Once again scientific work could convince consisting of the jury, from Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg, Prof.

Dr. Frontline Healthcare insists that this is the case. Christian Ell, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fischbach, Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel, Prof. Dr. Volker Gross and Prof. Dr. Peter Layer with respect to their medical progress. Award winners Dr. Oliver Pech compares in its Study two methods for the treatment of mukosalem Carcinoma of beret (BC), the current surgical standard of care and the endoscopic resection (ER), which also has been established as a method. Of the 76 subjects with BC, based on 38 patients were treated endoscopically and surgically. Complete remission has been achieved both in the ER and in the surgery group in all patients. The endoscopic therapy this recorded a higher relapse rate, the surgical method, however, showed a higher morbidity and mortality. The obtained results show that both methods provide a safe method to treat patients with BC. Dr. Jutta Keller impressed with her work on the detection of a moderate exocrine pancreatic insufficiency by means of a modified 13 C breath test with mixed triglycerides (13-C-TG-AT). Purpose of their study was to define a clinical test, with a moderately severe pancreatic insufficiency can be detected reliably. Nine were patients with pancreatic diseases, as well as a healthy control group (n = 10) subjected to three scientific tests. The tests showed a very high sensitivity of the 13-C-TG-AT, which thus proves very reliable for the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. “Richard Samson, marketing manager of Norgine GmbH, on a very successful year looks back: for two years, we now give the NorGA Award and the various works show so much potential and commitment that we have drawn two winners this year.” Both winners also receive the opportunity to present their excellent work in the gastro update special 2013 in addition to the prize money. I thank all those who have supported me during the investigations and allows this to me”, so Dr. Jutta Keller. “In addition, adds Dr. Oliver Pech: I am pleased about the award and hope to have achieved a medical progress with my work.” Press contact: antwerpes ag Nicole Tappee Valentina str. 66, 50823 Koln phone: 0221 92053-0 fax: 0221 92053-133 E-Mail:

Wellness Industry

New media new audiences new customers. With the development of the myFitApp for iPhone and Android smartphones, an advertising produced by the company Innovatise specifically for the fitness & wellness industry, which has not only a cool factor, but also serves as an efficient tool in terms of customer service, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Of the fitness & wellness-gepragten Wiesbaden Werbeagentur motion one GmbH, which is with a firm foot on the floor which is new media, the app for the respective companies tailor-made and individually designed. The multi-faceted and contemporary advertising has proven app just in this industry as the centerpiece for fitness professionals. Continuous movement and spontaneous ideas are in focus and can be implemented with this tool. Information, news, offers a club / Studio spontaneously or permanently to his members would like to convey, etc are visible directly after entering the Club operator on his PC, at any time and without the update directly on the mobile phone of the user.

The handling of data entry, such as photos, texts, videos etc., is simple and requires nothing more than the possession of a PC with Internet access. CMS has the app tenants free hand access and manages its app quite independently and individually. Buttons for Club Info, nutrition tips, courses, sauna u.v.m., are depending on the requirements applicable and in terms of content either with own text creations to fill or from the free text-photo and video archive of the motion of one. The special feature of the app is also a direct link to Facebook and the email button. Post the Club member promotions, events or courses with a fingertip, invites friends and acquaintances in the Club to do so publicly and thus ensures new target groups or clients and last but not least, a wide release of the company. The download of myFitApp is free on the app store. With a monthly fee for the app operator (from $99) the cost is manageable and is health Bistro operators, sports stores, suppliers, etc. in particular by the integration of partner companies, such as z.B, agreed that individual to a Minimize fee on the app with your own logo and offers can advertise. The calculation of operating expenses can be reduced also the app, because social networks serve as optimal multiplier.