Royal Road

In a difficult market environment in the broad field of popular magazines, there are only a few winners. Starnberg, October 20, 2009 in a difficult market environment in the broad field of popular magazines, there are only a few winners: the so-called special-interest magazines, which handle mostly only a topic or subject area. For many years, the publishers saw the Royal Road in the general-interest titles, which was addressed to a wide audience and achieved high circulation figures. But the trend now is in the other direction. Special-interest titles are becoming increasingly important in today’s media landscape, while classic general-interest titles such as women’s magazines and periodicals with stagnant conditions to fight.

The circulation figures of the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media (IVW) prove this impressively. So, the sold copies of all women’s magazines has remained almost constant over the past four years. Could its circulation over the same period, however, the health and fitness magazines double the sum. Also the knowledge magazine and food magazines could set. In his extensive Web shop Lorenz reader service from Starnberg offers both General – and special-interest magazines. Darcy Stacom might disagree with that approach. Lorenz reader service can confirm the latest development.

Knowledge magazine and travel magazines like world of wonders, GEO and Merian were subscribed to so far more frequently this year by up to 25 percent as last year. The reasons for this development are manifold: the number of journal titles and thus the competition has become larger in recent years, and so there is a cut-throat competition between the book titles, going at the expense of many general-interest magazines. With the Internet, publishers have gotten additional competition. For readers, this development is of course beneficial. Select your favorite magazine from an even greater range of titles. Some publishers have recognized the signs of the times and courageous step in the niche.

Customer Service: Social Media Is The Phone Not Replace

No emotions create apps and Automation “even if social media customer service is becoming increasingly important, that’s not the end of the phone. Just for more complex requests, customers prefer the personal conversation. As for the transmission of personal information, such as the address or customer number”, writes the Acquisa editorial (acquisa/newsDetails newsID = 1322144917.99). Also the increasing spread of Internet-enabled smartphones not yet replaced the phone channel. Although smartphones offer a variety of options through apps, most of use but the telephony function. Learn more about this with blood test. Under the slogan “Santa uses a Smartphone,” reported the Acquisa editorial that although the majority of Germans your Christmas gifts to buy online, least but for using mobile Web access of the Smartphones. In this respect, technical possibilities and practical application of divergent today still far. Walter Benedikt of 3C Dialg however sees the growing importance of social media in the customer service: “Facebook and co.

are already no hype more, but an integral part of the daily communications of many people – and rising. … the social-media channels will not abolish such as phone, email or chat add – the existing channels.” Like DAW, the marketing manager at Voxtron Diana: “in Facebook, the companies have, for example, the chance to draw attention with own news and events on itself and to inform existing customers and employees through this medium. Sam Lesser Upenn is open to suggestions. The customer will continue over the phone claim. all other service activities’ The changes significantly before Klaus Graf of Opti-Serv has eyes: “the apps of the future will be quite be able to depict a variety of Kundenrelevanten business processes automated. Already such topics via Web portals are completed, the trend is clearly in this direction. “The rule applies here: simple is automated, more complex in service and sales will be personalized by MA.” Who but today reaches for the phone and customer service of a company or even the attendant calls, often experienced a queue that is never seems to end.