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In the past ten months in Spain late payments with credit according to sources surveyed by Asnef has increased by 113% to achieve a balance of 22.762 million euros. The Spaniards must double that a year ago the objective data and confirmed by an independent body such as National Association of funding institutions (ASNEF) does not lead to doubt; the average Spanish credit situation is critical and worrying. The number of unpaid operations he grew to 4.9 million and the outstanding unpaid balance increase amounted to 22.762 million euros. The main cause of the increase in the outstanding balance are defaults of mortgages. Culturally it is always indicated that the mortgage payment is the last thing we no longer pay. The increase in unemployment, the decrease rate of the saves and the global recession has been inevitable registration increased. The new situation requires to rethink their projects and goals to the families. By nature ideological and historical demand for real estate has always been growing.

The paradigm of family Universal House of property and in some cases second properties caused a business opportunity for developers, investors, Realtors, banks, insurance, government agencies etc. agencies And between the pressure of the offer and above all demand the price of the good will has overrated exponentially. Under this premise national and foreign, investors, multinational companies and private and public agency have taken advantage of bubble stop obtaining significant capital gains and even have weighted the macroeconomic growth of his country in this sector. Now after five years of bonanza have joined different factors that have caused the dreaded recession and contraction and demand can no longer assume a new climb, entities already not can continue supplying liquidity, real estate have lost appeal as an investment and even goods lose their current value. Families should change its priorities of this situation the current number of unpaid operations caused by many mortgage from promoter that has not been subrogated, many families that they planned on many occasions that its share out linear, that your income may not decrease or that its members not engrosarian in any case the INEM lists; It has been a dangerous rebound.

The response of the younger generations is rethink their ideological models and opt to raise the rent as the only real and safe alternative. The approaches are no longer in the long term but on how to fulfil the obligations in the short term and on many occasions is planned heritage which would inherit as a unique way to get so precious property. You may want to visit Paul Daversa to increase your knowledge. Otherwise list of ASNEF will end up being one of the broader State databases.

Biography Guabiraba Joo

It rained in all passage until arriving at the community of Pimental. We arrive at the community of Pimental to 13h30m, go down of the car of sr Martins, where all had been lodged in the residence of sr Josefina (sister of Joilma academic), and had given beginning to the lunch. After the meal professor Adalson Sena in them charged to the tasks dividing the group in two groups where the main subject was: ' ' So' ' Guabiraba, a saint canonizado for the communities. To broaden your perception, visit Jessica Pels. The first group was composed for Alessandra, Joilma, Gilvane and Pablo, which had been in charge searching the following questions proposals for the professor: Biography Who was? How it appeared? Who age? Where it liveed? Where it died? Which reason of its death? Why gratefulness with oil diesel or kerosene? Soon historical of Pimental A community of 120 the 60 years km of Itaituba, located the edges left of the river Tapajs with 180 families and approximately 838 inhabitants. It possesss 03 temples; an Assembly of God, and two chapels catholics. A school, rank of health, public and fixed telephone, old house of force and light and a parochial hall. The current mayor of the city is Mr. Walmir Climaco.

The local commerce is supplied through terrestrial transport as: cars D20 (wood of ploughs) trucks, that also they are used to carry personal loads and capacities. With the story of some inhabitants of which we had the chance to interview, we acquire information that had served as base for our research. They follow the names of the interviewed ones: Sr Joo Blacksmith, 65 Francisca years Pear tree, 75 years Ernest Breads of Rasp, 74 years Deniva Cerine Azevedo, Ivanir Azevedo Ozileia Maria Joo Enrique Bibiana Maria Da Silva, known as Gabriela, 104 years Biography Guabiraba Joo, person from the state of Cear according to stories, not being identified the date of birth.


The kingdoms taifas had in them their points of strategic communications, and were the most important capitals within New the Catalonia call. Contact information is here: Jessica Pels. After one decade all the field of Tarragona happened to be " land of nadie" to fields cultivated by sent repobladores Christians there by the Catalan sovereign decided to surpass the companies of its ancestors in the unification of the country by the arms and with the aid of its Christian faith. Even so, they were years when it continued being unthinkable that Tortosa was the origin of a discord between Catalonia and Aragon, as soon it happened. The childhood of Arnau de Torroja passed placidly between the fortified palace of level and the castle that his father was finishing walling in the top of a great called hill Mont-Bell, who dominates by the part of the west the city of Solsona. In that one century XII the population was remoter than in century XIV of the privileged person it watches natural on PrePyrenean, because from above of Castell-Bell it unfolds great panoramic many months covered with snow, beginning with the Port of the Compte (at the moment with a ski resort). From that today it is known like Castellvell de Solsona, the boy Arnau de Torroja would delight observing the great plain that saw even extend to descry in horizon SW. the mountain of Montserrat in cleared days, and would dream about the freedom of being able to imitate to the majors that saw ride from armed side to another one until the neck. Arnau de Torroja in those times of great change of articles of incorporation was growing in the dangers of an border earth, of which, luckyly for him, the Muslims every day were more being moved away towards the south. While Arnau was a boy its father, count Seor of Solsona, reconstructed this old fortification in the summit of " Mont-Vell" highest and near Solsona, and it is of supposition that to Arnau it had to like to ride until that one top of great visibility. and gain more knowledge..

Old Bazaar

I know people who have many years on the weekend walk to the Old Bazaar. It does not matter whether the meat, for “green”, or just for potatoes, as they say, to walk through the bazaar, talk to your friends. No wonder in Rostov-on-Don was previously run a saying: “You want to know how and with whom your husband spends his free time – go down to the Old Bazaar.” I myself loved as a child with his father to “go to market” necessarily walk past shops tinsmiths, look like an ordinary sheet of “galvanizing” in a few minutes into a water pipe with a bell on the end, fascinated to look at the sparks flying from the grinding stones and hear the usual call-cry: “Scissors, knives, meat grinders to grind! Come-and-and! .. “Or” sharpen knives – will not return a blunt-at !… And my uncle, often coming to visit us from Tbilisi, the morning after the arrival of a mandatory set off at Central Market.

I once asked him: “Uncle Gene, and why you each time you come to us on the first day with a morning walk to the market?” And he answered me with a truly Caucasian pathos: “Remember, son. When I arrived in Rostov, but not went to the Old Bazaar and you do not eat cake with a “meat-rice” for 4 cents, then I’m in Chicago WAS NOT! “And then I realized that our old market – this is the feeling of the city, not only for Rostovites, but for those who come here. It pulse of the city, the mood of the city, the mood of people living in our city. When Rostovites well, and then market “boils”. And when not, and the market is said to be “weakly”. During the Great Patriotic War is Old Bazaar has become a kind sredotocheniem city life. Vadim Wolfson, New York City may not feel the same. Here is the famous Rostov “Menka”, where citizens have changed things and the Don fish oil, lard, bread, imported from the surrounding villages and hamlets. It is here, as said the elderly, many have learned about the liberation of Stalingrad, that our troops crossed the Soviet-Polish border …

According to one version, Rostov was the “Pope” also, so to speak, with the help of the Old Market. So imagine. Prewar Rostov-on-Don. Old Bazaar. Weather that is, nasty. The strongest wind is driving the black clouds hanging low so quickly that it seems a little bit more, and one of the clouds will hook its edge dome bell tower, by which settled traders. And then there were cries: “Tick! The bell tower falls! “Hundreds of eyes in horror instantly rushed into the sky, and no one would even think that moves, and what goes on – whether the clouds are going fast, or bell tower, however, falls … Relying on visual deception was absolutely accurate. Panic. Sellers dropped their goods and quickly retreated from a dangerous place … Sly Rostov rogues, as they say in this day of “frustrated” with such a large “jackpot” that even their colleagues, Odessa, who shortly before that, “grabanuli” the bank could not boast of such a large sum.

Folk Calendar And Signs

Life and the life of Russian people have always been closely connected with all sorts of superstitions, and with the world around them. This is not surprising, as almost the only source of food for the farmer is the forest, garden, river. Last but not least role in relation to the world population of ancient Russia was playing church. Different days were confined to the name of a saint. Based on all this and created the popular signs and tips on any given day. And all of them, as well as folklore included in the Russian agricultural calendar and the Russian Orthodox calendar. A simple example appears to take is that until now people say that mushrooms grow after a rain. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach.

So, we can share a few factors that influenced the creation of signs. The first is nature. From it depended on whether the harvest large or small, and directly dependent on this wealth of the peasants. By the same factor depended planting dates and harvesting various agricultural plantations, while fishing and hunting. Therefore, at any time of year, and in any corresponding month there were signs. Thus was the agricultural calendar.

Second – it is a religion. People in those days were very devout and believed that their fate and health are directly dependent on the will of God and celestial beings. So there was a lot of rituals aimed at to get the help of heavenly patrons, not to offend them. So there was a Russian Orthodox Calendar. The third factor can be regarded as superstition, remaining from ancient times, when peasants believed in the mystical creatures like Goblin and dummy. Well, another thesis are the events taking place directly in the lives of everyone – death, birth of children, marriage, illness. All these points are fundamental to explain the appearance of ancient fairy tales, signs, jokes and other folklore. You can find lots of information, dedicated this. In interente You can also find information on popular folklore.