In its Zimerman literature (2005, P. 35), it tells that: Being the aging a gradual loss of the functional efficiency, always has a necessity of adequacy to the new reality. Moreover, not we must to forget that each old one is a different individual, that needs a personal program of work, in accordance with its necessities. We must lead in account its past, its luggage, its losses, as well as its gift, its possibilities, its profits, its psicossocial and economic endorsement. Further details can be found at Dean Ornish M.D, an internet resource. Thus we will only be working so that this old either person honeys healthful, capable to use all its potentialities and to have a happyer life. 2,2 ssea anatomy In its literature Tortora and Grabowske (2002), affirms that the bone is an alive texture, complicated and energetic which is part of a pursuing without interruption in the process of dynamic remodelamento propitiating new bones and degrading old bones. Thus, bone is one fabric multi-functional constituted by three cellular types: the osteoblastos, the ostecitos and the osteoclastos.

The first cellular type drift of the osteoprogenitoras cells of the ssea marrow and if locates in the surface of trabculas, the canal To have of the fabric sseo ostenico and in the peristeo, and its main function is to synthecize the not mineralized ssea matrix. These cells have as function to keep the viability of the fabric sseo (OCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005). For Rebelatto and Morelli (2004), the bones are formed by two macrocospic layers: cortical, situated bone is of the bone, it is the layer hardest, and the spongy one, that it is called bone to trabecular that is inside of the bone, being been most vulnerable osteoporose. The bone is a protector of the agencies who has as function to support the body, to assist in the movements, to raise the muscular system, and still serves to keep calcium and leaves minerals the organism. .


It is obvious that a person when chooses definitive profession finds innumerable reasons for which the same one will dedicate part of its life to characterize itself, or even though to dedicate the proper life to help people. He will be that the professionals of the health are if forgetting this? He will be that they are only crowding the nursing facultieses, medicine, among others only for status or will be for some special reason as to save lives? What we have seen in ours day-by-day and in the reporters strengthens the hypothesis of the first example. Lamentable! Main wronged for all this clutter human being is the users whom obligatorily they appeal to these little able professionals to understand that what is in question is well-being of the population who if felt vulnerable to as many errors. Me the administration of the institutions of health, either public or private, is a predominant factor for the degradante position that if finds the current system of Brazilian health. She is necessary to create a new model of management, to include fiscalization of the services given in clinics and hospitals, to make a control of qualification of the professionals, to humanizar the teams and to make to remember them that the final objective of all professional of health, doctors, nurses, assistant, at last, is to save the life of the people.

Theory Ambientalista

Al. (2009), the signals and symptoms are insidiosos. The fever low is present, as well as persistent cough, sudorese nocturnal, fatigue and loss of weight. The cough can in such a way be unproductive how much with escarro mucopurulento. HINRICHSEN et. Al. (2005) it relates that the complications most frequent due to tuberculosis are hemoptise, hemotrax and empiema pleural.

When it has fngica settling in the great sockets as in the superior wolves, the formation of micetomas occurs that they provoke great hemoptises. 6. Diagnosis Still according to HINRICHSEN, the diagnosis is made becoming fullfilled the isolation of the M. tuberculosis. Escarro for baciloscopia is collected, initially three samples (per the morning, before the verbal hygiene) per three days consecutive.

This escarro is corado by the method of Ziehl-Neelsen for direct research of alcohol-acid-resistant bacilli (BAAR). The culture for the bacillus is an efficient method for the diagnosis of the tuberculosis. The pulmonary bipsia the open sky or the videotoracoscopia is behaviors of exception, only used when other methods had not been efficient. The PPD, or tuberculneo test, is a carried through cutaneous test with the injection of the tuberculina. According to SMELTZER (2009), the cutaneous reaction is one ppula similar to the urticria. The reaction to the test happens when the indurao (enrijecimento) and eritema are gifts. 7. Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis As SMELTZER et. Al. (2009), the TB is dealt with antituberculosos quimioterpicos agents por6 a12 months. The therapy includes four medicines of first line: INH, rifampicina, pirazinamida and etambutol. Medicines you add include other aminoglicosdeos, quinolonas, medicamentosas rifabutina, clofazimina and combinations. SAINTS (2008) stand out that an individual is considered not infectious later de2 a3 weeks of continuous farmacolgica therapy. 8. Process of the Care on the basis of the Theory Ambientalista de Florence Nightingale CARRARO (2004) affirms that first the practical ones for the control of infections they had had beginning in century XVIII, time where the first hospitals had been created.

Fat Lipo

Amongst the products more looked by men and women in the current society, they mention the aesthetic one to it, and mainly, to the elimination of fats indesejadas in the body. The Lipo 6 Black appeared accurately with this function: to burn fats (termognico) without losing lean mass. Although it has appeared with an controversial formula and controversa, Lipo 6 has generated good resulted for the consumers. Valley to remember that the effect of the product, as well as several others of the sort, depends on the biological individuality of each one. Each substantiates provides certain reaction in each type of organism, as well as each practised exercise. First ' ' Lipo' ' launched for the Nutrex he was lipo 6.

After that, with a more powerful formula, they had launched the Lipo 6x. From the necessity of the athletes, they had innovated with the Lipo 6 Black, that came to cover still more, the capacity of the previous one. Lipo 6 speeds up the metabolism, provoking the burning fastest of corporal fat. Amongst the main functions, the Lipo 6 Black was projected to act in four areas: action direct in the fabric adiposo; termognico of high power (it speeds up the burning of fat of a general form); it eliminates the retention (diminishes the excess of I eliminate restrained leaving to it leaner and defined) and anti-catablico, it preserves the muscular mass. How to use? The recommended one is not to more than exceed 6 capsules the minimum period 24-hour.

The ideal is to ingest three capsules of morning and three capsules during the afternoon, not to take 6 hours before sleeping and not ingesting the capsules next to the meals. The supplement must every day be taken, being of trainings or not. Attention to the restrictions! As all pharmaceutical formula, the Lipo 6 Black can cause collateral effect. They are: irritation; anxiety; sleeplessness; it has taken sensation of burning in the area of the abdomen and nausea. The Lipo 6 Black is not recommended stops: gestantes, aged, children and any person whom some type of cardiac illness has. The product is considered a natural supplement the base of you substantiate natural, but exactly thus the accompaniment of a professional for better use of the product is necessary.

CPK Treatment

Cardiovascular effect: The effect of bigger importance in aged, that it takes the sseas fall and breakings, is postural hipotenso (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Endocrinolgicos symptoms: It occurs for the dopaminrgico blockade in level to tuberoinfundibular, its symptoms are galactorria, amenorrhea and increase of weight (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Malignant syndrome of the neurolptico: This syndrome is rare to occur remembers a serious form of Parkinsonismo where cause autonmica instability, lbil pulse, alterations of sanguineous, hipertermia pressure, rabdomilise and estupor, plasmtico increase CPK (creatinina-match-quinase), mioglobinemia (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). The atypical antipsychotics inhibit receivers of the dopamina and serotonina, alliviating positive symptoms and assisting in the treatment of negative symptoms without significant presence of extrapiramidais effect, the more susceptible collateral effect of this group is the weight increase. The main frmacos are the Clozapina, Risperidone and the Olanzapine. The antipsychotics of new generation come substituting excessively in the first one esquizofrnico episode, due to occurrence of lesser doses and collateral effect. Of these antipsychotics the Clozapina is the only one against indicated at the beginning of the treatment for the adverse effect to be more aggravation (GIACON and GALERA, 2005): The farmacolgico treatment must be kept in the two first years, after the first crisis, therefore patient receiving dose from medicines it presents the two four fallen again times less than patient that it does not make use. Therefore, the farmacolgica therapy must after be kept the control of the acute phase in order to diminish the risk of fallen again (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Psicossocial intervention the boardings psicossocial is the envolvement of the carrier in social and occupational activities, this treatment to be being used to ahead diminish the marks of the insanity of the society and to the proper user whom in the majority of the times shame feels to look to aid causing an alteration that could be prevented (GIACON and GALERA, 2005).