Game Physical

to have of the state, for all the citizens, to foment practical porting deeds of division and not formal, with right to each one to exert it as its physical and mental condition (Brazil, 1988? 2010). The citizen of any age possesss the right to enjoy of practical of sports and the physical activities, that must be offered in clubs, schools and public squares under the responsibility and maintenance of the municipal governments, state and federal e, in complementary cases of the private initiative. However, it must be attenuated that for this type of attendance if it makes necessary that has accompaniment, in the public buildings as schools, of nutritionists and psychologists because is essential for correct orientation in the mental and alimentary health and for the physical development is obligator the orientation of a physical educator. Cancer research is likely to increase your knowledge. It fits it accomplishment of physical and recreativas activities that develop well-being of the pertaining to school community. Therefore, the presence of physical educator, psychologists and nutritionists are of great importance beyond dentists, palestrantes and accomplishment of programs that make possible the welfare of boys, girls, men and women.

Being thus, these programs objectify the positive quality of life and that the same ones receive an education or orientation for the best qualification from its day-day. (OMS 1978 apud RASP, 1998) it defines that the health is the perfect one welfare physicist, mental and the social adjustment and that, therefore, it cannot be restricted an absence of illnesses. In the school the pupil has in its lessons of physical education or must have the pleasure to receive the offered contents as objective only come back toward, affective, mental and motor the corporate property with its abilities and specific abilities. However, he is from the corporal culture as content of the physical education, that DAOLIO (2004), affirms to be the game, the sport, the dance, the fight and the gymnastics possibility so that the child perceives the importance of the physical activity for the health.

English Language

By the way, distance learning a foreign language can be not only individually, but collectively, in which besides the main positive aspects, which will be later listed, there are other pros that make people more quickly acquire the knowledge. So, the first positive thing: the person is not tied to strict and systematic schedule. Second: a person does not have to strive to race head to a certain place for a certain hour. That is, in this case is very important to save time, meet with the teacher and the group (this is the case if it is provided group learning a foreign language) only increase the motivation and desire to learn foreign languages, to show your progress in this direction. Very handy when in these groups to study a foreign language going 3-4, and there is healthy competition and normal desire to be the best kind presence of rivalry, which also brings tangible results. In this case, meeting with a tutor aimed at to train in the studied independent tasks – and the teacher can already send and self-help, directs and monitors, to a lively conversation in the most interesting moments, when words are not keeping pace with the emotions are not diverted into the native language.

This system is much faster than yields good results: in this case the person-pupil appears steady confidence in himself, he understood what was said to him, and he can make saying, expression and sentence, even without taking the proposal in the mind of the mother tongue into a foreign language. But in this method there is one drawback, however, if necessary, its easy to fix. Still want you in advance warn: learning a foreign language using this technique – it is impossible to teach translation, but if you suddenly appear and demand for such knowledge, it is possible to pass a special course, which will be significantly shorter than if you were there, as referred to the “zero base”. In any case, if you have a clear effort to learn a foreign language in any case not from the decision to refuse, even if the first time you’re out of luck, and was chosen appropriate to your the case method. Then you’d better address to a psychologist and get tested for compliance to various methods of learning a foreign language.

When the psychologist determines your psychological state and your individual way perception of information, it will recommend to you the way and method of learning a foreign language. And only then will you know exactly what method you will need to learn a foreign language, which you always dreamed of. At the end of all, the end justifies the means. After learning a foreign language – you will be supported, for example the English language – and thus to exercise all their most cherished desires and dreams! Otherwise, you were not willing to learn English!


Why Erickson's hypnosis? There is medical hypnosis, and Erickson. Medical presupposes hypnotizability man, and he was exposed to only 15% of people. It involves injecting a person in the state, close to sleep, that is very profound change in consciousness, in which the client must agree to come and lie down. That is, requiring a special time and place. Newcastle University has firm opinions on the matter. Ericksonian hypnosis subject to 100% of the population, since it is based on one of three natural human condition – a state of trance (besides sleeping and waking). The man constantly falls into a trance state (remember yourself when you are traveling in public transport and look out the window, fascinated or admire on a candle flame, or just go to sleep). Putting the natural trance – one of the skills Ericksonian hypnosis.

This can be done when you have something to explain to his listeners, or just communicate with him. During the trance you directly communicate with the unconscious client, bypassing his mind. Now let's see, what is consciousness and unconsciousness. During his lifetime a person absorbs all the information that is found in his experience. Consciousness – it is only 5-7%, is that he understands that he is aware. All the rest, approximately 95% – keeps our wise unconscious.

In fact, we have much to remember and a lot of things we can. Most people just do not know how to communicate with his stock options, a fount of resources and responses. Consciousness – that is what we usually protects that prevents us.

Contraceptive Methods

The research disclosed the profile of the interviewed ones, its main doubts and investigations. He also showed the form as the professor transmitted the thematic one, in accordance with the understanding of the pupils, who had displayed its knowledge regarding as if to prevent, through the use of contraceptive methods, its myths. The adolescents also affirm that they learn more on sexuality in the school of what with the parents, therefore the dialogue is almost inexistent and when it occurs is vacant, with superficial explanations. research points with respect to the fact of the boys to know more if to prevent of DST’ s of what the girls, while these better know to prevent themselves of the precocious pregnancy. Both had also recognized that the prevention way most efficient, as much for the pregnancy how much for the DST’ s, is the use of the masculine condom The adolescents know the majority of the prevention methods, but they believe that the responsibility biggest for the pregnancy is of the girls, since they are they that they generate the child.

She is also disclosed that the girls more are opened to the dialogue and feel the will more to speak on the subject. This research leaves sufficiently clearly that the school assumes the task to try to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy between adolescents and, for this, to show the prevention methods, searching to acquire knowledge them of that adolescence is not an adjusted period to become mother or father. (ALTMANN, 2003.p.309). However, so that it has a good performance and participation of the young ones if it makes necessary the participation accomplishes of the educators, elaborating and organizing thematic organized in different aspects, inside of one practical one based on the respect to the person human being in its totality.